Thursday, October 28, 2010

Its Been Awhile

I'm back and updating my blog. Its been awhile since I last posted here in my blog because I got tired of doing this. Well, there is nothing really new things happening in my life but only my baby is growing fast. He is already ten months old now and he is getting so incredibly unstoppable. He knows what he wants and it seems like he doesn't act like a baby now. Its weird but yeah its true. He is also a great imitator. When me and my hubby is jamming in a song we hear from the radio. We snap our fingers and dance with the beat of the music and my baby does it too. Well, he cant really make any noise when he snaps his finger but the action of snapping his fingers is so funny for a ten month old to do. I guess some baby do that but I have never seen one yet. He doesn't really walk yet but he does walk every now and then. I set no boundaries for him anymore when I'm outside his play area. If I'm in the kitchen I let him go there because he cries when I leave him alone in his play area. He just play there in the kitchen standing, crawling, ruining things he loves it, opening and closing the drawers but I put a double stick tape on each drawer so he cant open it anymore. Smart me ah? hehehe.

About me and my hubby, we still love each other so much. We never fail to say it. We have arguments but we make up pretty fast. We work together every weekends. That's why we are busy every Saturday and Sunday. I'm doing fine and eating well too and whats nice thing bout everything is that my insurance was already extended a long time ago. But I'm not sure if they will pay for my medical bills. Its been maybe two months now or more but I haven't receive any bill anymore so I guess and hopeful my insurance paid my bills. I guess I gotta go I am just dropping by and see you next time.


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