Thursday, August 19, 2010

Just Tired

Just tired of writing. I'm a stay-home mom but I don't really stay at home the whole day. My hubby loves to go out. He gets bored and tired being at home and I am the opposite. I don't mind going out but to go out everyday is really tiring for me. We go out either from 8:30am till afternoon because he needs to go to work at 4pm and when I'm home alone with our baby all I do is take care of our baby. When my baby is asleep that's when the time I can clean our house or do things in the house. But sometimes I just get so tired that all I do is rest and just talk to my family in the Philippines. After that I still need to clean the house. I do want to work online but when my mind and body is exhausted I couldn't think well. Every night I don't get enough sleep from waking up when my baby cries. I wish I can get enough sleep. Just wishing.


addyforest said...

hay buhay mommy!

Toni Tralala said...

Get better soon! :) You're so like me, a home buddy! Go spend time with Tyree for now. Hopefully, he'll start sleeping longer so you can get enough rest!

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