Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Driver's Manual

Today, my hubby bought me a driver's manual so I can study the rules and regulations of driving a car. Recently, I have been telling my hubby to teach me how to drive already so I will know how. I thought I would choose not to know how to drive yet but then I realized if i won't learn now then when will I learn. My hubby drives a bit crazy and I told him that maybe I'll be driving like an old person or worst than that. I even told him that if I learn how to drive I don't want him to be my passenger because he is very impatient when it comes to traffic.

We go out almost everyday so I've seen how people drive here. Most people here doesn't really abide to the rules of traffic or maybe they just don't care about getting a ticket and other cars. Hubby doesn't like how women drive here. He always gets irritated when he gets behind a slow or dumb woman driver. I am not sure why women here drives like that. Maybe they just want to really make sure they are driving right or just being so ignorant of the traffic rules. But for me, either men or women is pretty much the same. I just hope that I will be a good driver.


Toni Tralala said...

Good luck, Rox! I'm going to have my day when I get to Cali. Update us! ;)

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