Sunday, July 25, 2010

Fun Farm Fair 2010

We had a fun time at the farm fair today. We went there around 9 am and a lot of people were there already. As usual parking was a bit hard to find because the farm fair was in the Bishop Museum and only valet parking was allowed in their parking lot. People needed to find parking anywhere in the streets near the farm fair but luckily we found a spot that wasn't that far from the fair.

When we got there, there was a long line of people standing to pay the gate pass to the farm fair. While we were in line there was this man who gave us two wristband for the fair and it was free. We couldn't believe it because not all people were given a wristband. The man gave my hubby two wristband, one for adult and one for child. I told my hubby that the other wristband is for a child because the man thought I'm a child. Hubby asked the man for an adult wristband but nothing was left already. I had no choice but to wear the child wristband. I felt quite nervous while entering the gate because they might stop and ask me but they never did.

I enjoyed it so much because I got quite a bit giveaways. These are the things I got from the farm fair. When it comes to free things I don't get ashamed to keep on coming back to get some more unless I don't like the person giving it.

Our baby enjoyed the farm fair too. He was able to see some animals there. When we got to the little petting zoo, I saw a dog. I was thinking why there's a dog in here but I guess he is part of their farm life. My hubby didn't let our baby touch the dog because little Poopie doesn't know how to pet yet hence he knows how to grab. Hubby, me and Poopie enjoyed at the farm fair. Looking forward for the next one.


Toni Tralala said...

Freebies are always welcome! lol. Tyree looks super duper cute in this photo! :)

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