Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Playpen/Crib for Poopie

Last night, when hubby got home from work I told him that I wanna have a crib for our baby. Every time my hubby go to work and I start to clean the our apartment while our baby is sleeping, I always need to glance every now and then to our baby on the bed to make sure he wont wake up and crawl on the corner of the bed. Many times had happened that I needed to run just to get him from the corner of the bed. Before, when he isn't crawling yet there was never a problem like that. Surround him with pillow and he is fine but now even a pillow can't stop him from crawling to the corner of the bed.

Instead of a crib, we got a playpen because its cheap and as an alternative for a wooden crib. We opted not to buy a wooden crib so our baby won't get hurt. Everything that we buy for our baby whether its a toy or things for babies, we always think first of things that could hurt him in anyways. We love our baby so much and him not to get hurt is our first priority. I will only let my baby sleep in the playpen when hubby is at work and I'm doing something but he will still sleep with us on the bed. Still can't let him sleep alone. If possible we really want to be with our baby all the time. Sleeping alone at his age isn't really a good idea for me. Maybe in the right time he can sleep alone but for now we still enjoy hugging him and kissing him while he is sleeping.


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