Monday, June 28, 2010

Online Photo Fun

Guest post from Lois Fleck.

I have always loved managing my photos but I never realized just how fun it could be until I tried online photo management. Managing your photos online is so much better than arranging physical photos. With online photo management you can crop and edit photos, add effects and frames and even overlay text in real-time.

I can create online albums and slide shows with the click of a button. Uploading photos is fast and easy over my satellite internet. I can arrange and customize my photos and then place them on my favorite social networking sites such as Facebook and MySpace. I never even realized it but social networking sites have built-in photo management. I love to arrange my photos into albums such as "Family" and "Friends" and post them on Flickr for the world to see. I always have my own story and there is no better way to tell it than with photos.

I post my photos on Facebook and tag all my friends and family in the photos. Facebook automatically links their images and names from the photo directly to their Facebook accounts. Image that, social photo networking. It's always fun to see my friends upload photos from the past and tag me in them. Online photo management with hughs netsatellite internet is one of the best inventions since color photos! Not only is it fun but it's incredibly functional.


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