Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Miracle! He called!

Its been two days now that I have been bugging the guy who bought my hubby's moped. I tried to find his last name online by typing his number to a website and paid a dollar. I was able to know his last name and address but the address was a PO box which is not really his residential address that gave us less hope of finding the guy.  After finding some information about the guy and seeing my hubby get frustrated thinking about it, I decided to just bug him by calling his phone nonstop and making his voice mail full from any sounds that I can record to his voice mail.

It was fun doing that to the guy who fooled us and hubby didn't mind me doing that to the guy. I started doing it yesterday and continued doing it today. I kept on calling him today and making his voice mail full. The guy kept on turning his phone off or erasing his voice mails. My gosh I know it drove him nuts. I thought I'll be doing it forever because we were expecting that he will never answer his phone and he will never have any plans on paying us. All we wanted is for him to call us back or even answer our call but he never did.

When we got home, I still kept on bugging him but I stopped because I was reading my emails. Then my hubby's phone rang and it was the guy. My hubby answered it and the guy promised to pay us on Saturday and give us meat, groceries and whatever he has. It was a bit strange because the guy didn't even sound like he was pissed off from me calling him so much. Another thing is, why he never answered our call when we kept on calling him. Its really strange that's why me and my hubby needs to be a bit vigilant about this guy on Saturday just like he promised. Good luck to us.


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