Sunday, June 13, 2010

Can't Trust Nobody

Its been awhile since I last posted here. I am getting forgetful already but can't forget my no. I just didn't have time to post here. Anyway, its been almost three weeks now since my hubby sold his moped. He sold it because he wanted to buy a new and smaller moped. He was getting tired of having a big moped plus the parking was quite a hassle. When I first posted it in Craigslist, a guy from Molokai, another island here in Hawaii, checked out my hubby's moped and wanted to buy it. He offered $1400 but hubby refused because we are selling it for $1600 and we wanted to go down $100 less and not $200. So I kept posting in Craigslist till another man called and wanted it so bad. What a coincident, the guy is from Molokai too but wasn't the same guy that we met before.

We were in the parking garage of our building when the guy test drive the moped. I was surprised when he went out the parking lot and drove the moped around the block. Though the guy left his moped to us but I felt so worried when it took him a long time to get back to the parking lot. I was about t call the police already that time when I saw him coming. The guy loved it and bought it. He was a nice guy, a convincing one, that made my hubby trust him. That time we were selling it for $1400 already and hubby went down a $100 less that made it $1300. The guy gave us $1000 first and promised us that he will pay the $300 in three days. Three days has passed and no call from him so hubby decided to call him and the guy said the next Friday. Friday came and no $300 came. Hubby doesn't want to call anymore because he isn't the type who bug people. I decided to call the guy and he answered. He sounded to nice that all I said was okay okay. He had his reasons so we thought maybe he just didn't have the money yet though he promised again this week. This week will be over by tomorrow and no $300 came yet.

I don't know about this guy anymore. Hubby was asking me before why its hard for me to trust somebody. I told him because in the Philippines I am used to people who can't be trusted. People who can deceive you by their own ways just to fool others. He told me its not like that here in Hawaii, its different here. Well, I guess as for the time being it is the same now. I guess, I'll start bugging that guy now. Hubby trusted him so much that he didn't get the guy's name or address. We can only get hold of that guy by phone or if we will look online for his name and address by typing his number. Maybe we will do that if me bugging the guy won't work out. Good luck to us. As for the $300...hmm...see ya when I see ya.


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