Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Fringe Season 1 Finale, Wowza!

Guest post written by Ryan Wellington

So I caught the finale of Fringe! As you know I'm a huge Sci Fi geek. I couldn't believe the type of things they were putting on this show to begin with, and with Walter, and Peter-- Them and the complete and utter insanity. I love Walter. He's probably one of the quirkiest characters I've ever had the pleasure of watching. And Olivia is someone I've related to from the get go. Anyways, back to the finale! I caught the end with the bald man taking Walter with him, and being all odd and cryptic. And then finding out Peter is from the other side..!? I was shocked! I was watching on my new Satellite TV that I just purchased after seeing several satellite tv deals around town, which by the way- thanks to that I actually took the time to get a DVR again. I've been without for years. I was beginning to feel like I was back in the Stone Age! Haha! If you haven't checked Fringe out, go rent it or something! Best show on TV anymore! And be sure to pay attention to Walter. Some of the things he says might not click right away, but I'm pretty sure we are all a bit of "Walters" at some time. Plus the back and forth with him and Peter is hilarious. Go!

Playpen/Crib for Poopie

Last night, when hubby got home from work I told him that I wanna have a crib for our baby. Every time my hubby go to work and I start to clean the our apartment while our baby is sleeping, I always need to glance every now and then to our baby on the bed to make sure he wont wake up and crawl on the corner of the bed. Many times had happened that I needed to run just to get him from the corner of the bed. Before, when he isn't crawling yet there was never a problem like that. Surround him with pillow and he is fine but now even a pillow can't stop him from crawling to the corner of the bed.

Instead of a crib, we got a playpen because its cheap and as an alternative for a wooden crib. We opted not to buy a wooden crib so our baby won't get hurt. Everything that we buy for our baby whether its a toy or things for babies, we always think first of things that could hurt him in anyways. We love our baby so much and him not to get hurt is our first priority. I will only let my baby sleep in the playpen when hubby is at work and I'm doing something but he will still sleep with us on the bed. Still can't let him sleep alone. If possible we really want to be with our baby all the time. Sleeping alone at his age isn't really a good idea for me. Maybe in the right time he can sleep alone but for now we still enjoy hugging him and kissing him while he is sleeping.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

For Women Living Alone in Apartments

Guest blog post by Amy Sheehan

With high crime ratesthese days, it is important that all women living alone are taking the necessary steps to make their living space safe. I live in an apartment building that's not in the slums, but it can be a little scary after dark. As a recent college graduate, this is all I can afford. Since I live alone, I can sometimes get scared being home by myself. I decided that I had to do something for my own safety. I first talked to may landlord, and with his approval I had an all home security system installed. My next step was to have locks placed on my windows. After these two things, I would be alarmed if someone trespassed, and I prevented intruders from using my windows as an entrance into my apartment. Lastly, you should ask for the locks to be changed on your doors. Some landlords may be to lazy to do so, and you don't want the people who lived there previously to have an easy entrance into your place. I feel so much more comfortable since I have done these things to my living space.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Online Photo Fun

Guest post from Lois Fleck.

I have always loved managing my photos but I never realized just how fun it could be until I tried online photo management. Managing your photos online is so much better than arranging physical photos. With online photo management you can crop and edit photos, add effects and frames and even overlay text in real-time.

I can create online albums and slide shows with the click of a button. Uploading photos is fast and easy over my satellite internet. I can arrange and customize my photos and then place them on my favorite social networking sites such as Facebook and MySpace. I never even realized it but social networking sites have built-in photo management. I love to arrange my photos into albums such as "Family" and "Friends" and post them on Flickr for the world to see. I always have my own story and there is no better way to tell it than with photos.

I post my photos on Facebook and tag all my friends and family in the photos. Facebook automatically links their images and names from the photo directly to their Facebook accounts. Image that, social photo networking. It's always fun to see my friends upload photos from the past and tag me in them. Online photo management with hughs netsatellite internet is one of the best inventions since color photos! Not only is it fun but it's incredibly functional.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Miracle! He called!

Its been two days now that I have been bugging the guy who bought my hubby's moped. I tried to find his last name online by typing his number to a website and paid a dollar. I was able to know his last name and address but the address was a PO box which is not really his residential address that gave us less hope of finding the guy.  After finding some information about the guy and seeing my hubby get frustrated thinking about it, I decided to just bug him by calling his phone nonstop and making his voice mail full from any sounds that I can record to his voice mail.

It was fun doing that to the guy who fooled us and hubby didn't mind me doing that to the guy. I started doing it yesterday and continued doing it today. I kept on calling him today and making his voice mail full. The guy kept on turning his phone off or erasing his voice mails. My gosh I know it drove him nuts. I thought I'll be doing it forever because we were expecting that he will never answer his phone and he will never have any plans on paying us. All we wanted is for him to call us back or even answer our call but he never did.

When we got home, I still kept on bugging him but I stopped because I was reading my emails. Then my hubby's phone rang and it was the guy. My hubby answered it and the guy promised to pay us on Saturday and give us meat, groceries and whatever he has. It was a bit strange because the guy didn't even sound like he was pissed off from me calling him so much. Another thing is, why he never answered our call when we kept on calling him. Its really strange that's why me and my hubby needs to be a bit vigilant about this guy on Saturday just like he promised. Good luck to us.

Baby is Six Month Old Now

Earlier today my baby had his 6th month check up to his pedia. He weighed 15 lbs now. I'm happy that he gained weight now because when he had his check up last month he didn't gain weight which made me wonder why he didn't gain weight. He was 13 lbs last month when he was 5 months old. The same weight when he was 4 months old. I felt sad last month about his weight and asked the pedia if maybe she can give any vitamins for him but the pedia said to wait when he gets 6 months old. Now that my baby is 6 months old, his pedia prescribe a vitamins with fluoride for our baby.

He also had his shots today. Three shots and one oral vaccine. As usual, I didn't give him any pain medication nor did hot compress to his legs. Giving any medicine to my baby is my last remedy. He cried when the nurse gave the shots but not for a long time but he was knocked out when we were on the way to the store after a trip to his pedia. As of now, he doesn't have fever which I'm happy about.

His next check up will be on September when he gets 9 months old. I just wish that he will be a healthy baby just like now. He likes to give his charming smile to people which before he never do. He likes to laugh and smile when he sees himself in the mirror. He is just so adorably cute that everyday me and my hubby enjoy. We love him so much and hope he will be a good boy when he grow up.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Not this neighborhood

Guest post written by my friend Jenny Smart.

I do have to say that I live in a pretty safe neighborhood, KNOCK ON WOOD. We have a great team here and I am proud. We have a neighborhood watch which makes me feel pretty safe. If the kids go out to play, there is always a parent outside watching to make sure that everything is safe. Luckily, we haven't had any problems. There are a few dogs in the neighborhood, but I don't think any of them would attack someone if they were trying to do something bad, these dogs have a mean bark, but they will just lick you to death!

A lot of the houses here do have alarm systems, well I think they do because of the signs that are in the yard...Who knew there would be so many companies for home security systems? At least the burglars know who not to mess with!

So far I haven't saw anything in our neighborhood that looks like a prison. No bars on the windows and doors, I think that would scare me just looking at the house! If you want great security too, then click here.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Can't Trust Nobody

Its been awhile since I last posted here. I am getting forgetful already but can't forget my no. I just didn't have time to post here. Anyway, its been almost three weeks now since my hubby sold his moped. He sold it because he wanted to buy a new and smaller moped. He was getting tired of having a big moped plus the parking was quite a hassle. When I first posted it in Craigslist, a guy from Molokai, another island here in Hawaii, checked out my hubby's moped and wanted to buy it. He offered $1400 but hubby refused because we are selling it for $1600 and we wanted to go down $100 less and not $200. So I kept posting in Craigslist till another man called and wanted it so bad. What a coincident, the guy is from Molokai too but wasn't the same guy that we met before.

We were in the parking garage of our building when the guy test drive the moped. I was surprised when he went out the parking lot and drove the moped around the block. Though the guy left his moped to us but I felt so worried when it took him a long time to get back to the parking lot. I was about t call the police already that time when I saw him coming. The guy loved it and bought it. He was a nice guy, a convincing one, that made my hubby trust him. That time we were selling it for $1400 already and hubby went down a $100 less that made it $1300. The guy gave us $1000 first and promised us that he will pay the $300 in three days. Three days has passed and no call from him so hubby decided to call him and the guy said the next Friday. Friday came and no $300 came. Hubby doesn't want to call anymore because he isn't the type who bug people. I decided to call the guy and he answered. He sounded to nice that all I said was okay okay. He had his reasons so we thought maybe he just didn't have the money yet though he promised again this week. This week will be over by tomorrow and no $300 came yet.

I don't know about this guy anymore. Hubby was asking me before why its hard for me to trust somebody. I told him because in the Philippines I am used to people who can't be trusted. People who can deceive you by their own ways just to fool others. He told me its not like that here in Hawaii, its different here. Well, I guess as for the time being it is the same now. I guess, I'll start bugging that guy now. Hubby trusted him so much that he didn't get the guy's name or address. We can only get hold of that guy by phone or if we will look online for his name and address by typing his number. Maybe we will do that if me bugging the guy won't work out. Good luck to us. As for the $300...hmm...see ya when I see ya.