Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Swimming Time

Today hubby and I decided to go to the pool again so our baby can try his new swim suit that we bought last week. We didnt go anywhere and didnt want to go somewhere so we end up going to the pool. It was sunny earlier after two days of raining but now its getting cloudy. I think its gonna rain again later tonight. The pool was cold but my baby still enjoyed it. Too bad I didnt charge my digicam I would have taken video of him "swimming." I guess I'll be the only one in the family who wont know how to swim coz I know my baby will easily know how to swim as he was kicking so much and moving his arms as if he knew what to do already. Everytime the water gets inside his mouth he spits it out. I didnt really see him doing that because I was holding him making him swim and it was my hubby who saw him doing that.

It was his second time in the pool today. Though it was so sunny and windy, hubby and I enjoyed swimming with our baby. Here is the picture of our baby wearing his swim suit. He wasnt sleeping there. The sun was just too bright. His swim suit has surfboards design. My hubby liked it coz he likes surfing. Our baby wasnt wearing any diaper too. We just made him wear only that suit.

He was enjoying it but we didnt really stayed in the water for a long time. He was starting to get cold because it was too windy. Pretty soon we wont be dealing with the pool thats so windy all the time. hehehehe.


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