Thursday, May 13, 2010

Spoiled Brat Me

We went to the thrift store today to look for furnitures. Since the day we learned about the thrift store selling some good furnitures in a very affordable price, we always go there now to check some new stuff they have. When we got there at the store my hubby said to just leave the baby in the car since the car is parked just right infront of the store. I didnt like the idea so I told him that I'll carry the baby carrier with our baby in it. Our baby was sleeping thats why I didnt take him front the car seat. We didnt bring the stroller because it will take space in the car which there will be no space for the furniture that we will buy.

Our baby is getting heavy so I had a hard time carrying him around the store. When I learned that they are having a 50% discount on some selected items, I asked my hubby if he can watch the baby for awhile so I can look around to some other stuffs aside from looking at the furnitures. But my hubby refused to watch him. I kept on asking him but still he kept refusing it. So I went out and stayed in the car with our baby feeling a little bit dissappointed but trying to calm myself. When my hubby went out along with the stuff he bought he asked me if I want something then I replied, nothing. He asked me if I want something to eat then I kept on saying, I'm not hungry. As we were driving, hubby kept on teasing and tickling me because I told him I am dissappointed to him. I started crying because I was getting so dissappointed thinking about it like I'm a 7 year old girl. My hubby got a bit dissappointed of the way I'm acting so he made a U turn. I knew we were going back to the store but I tried not to laugh then he said you spoiled brat and I laughed. Before we went back to the store, we bought something to eat first. Though I didnt buy anything, just looking things in the store made my day.


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