Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Shoes Again??

My hubby's work require a lot of walking almost all the time. He is always on his feet especially when its very busy at work. Sometimes when he gets home from work he complains about the shoes he's wearing. That's why every time we go to the store he always go to the shoes section to look for shoes that will be comfortable to use for work. I already loose count of how many shoes he got. We even threw some of them when we were cleaning up our apartment.

Yesterday, when we went to the mall he found this Osiris shoes. I am like a shopper who look at the price first before the item. I looked at the price and told him not to buy it because it was expensive. When we got home I look online for Osiris shoes and found a website that is selling it cheaper than the store here. Didn't think twice and hubby bought it. I am not working yet as for the time being but if I will start working I also want to have Osiris shoes just like my hubby.


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