Monday, May 24, 2010

Car for Less

Car is a necessity. It is hard to go somewhere if you don't have one. When I was in the Philippines I never had a hard time going somewhere I wanna go. Why? because there's lot of jeepneys, tricycles, pedicab, and etc. Whatever means of transportation they can discover just to bring people to their destination. Here in the US, if you don't have a car, your screwed. Its either wait for the bus or walk to work.

When I got here, we didn't have a car. Hubby was alone for how many years so he decided to just get a moped, no insurance and easy parking to work. Every time we go somewhere its either we ride a bus or rent a car. It was fun for awhile though but when we were already expecting a baby we decided to have a car. We didn't plan to have a car. One day, we got this letter from a car company about some good deals of cars and they are giving away Toyota Corolla if you win the draw. We knew the draw was just for promotion but we still went to check out cars.

A salesman welcomed us when we got there. Well, so much for the draw but all he did was convince us to get a car. He showed us the cars parked in their parking lot. Some were brand new cars and some were not. Hubby saw a black car and asked about it to the salesman but the salesman said that theres a slight problem with the water pump and will have it fix yet. He said that in the mainland they have their cars fixed in Chicago auto repair but since they were selling cars here in Hawaii they still need to find good auto repair shop. Hubby didn't have a choice but to choose another car and guess what he found the car that he wanted to have. Since then, we go anywhere we want so easy and so convenient.


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