Sunday, May 30, 2010

Lantern Floating in Hawaii

Lantern Floating is a biggest event every year on Memorial Day here in Hawaii. It is an Asian spiritual tradition to honor and remember your departed love ones. It also a way to wish for peaceful and harmonious future. Last year, I was able to witnessed the memorable event and dedicated the lantern for my grandfather and my hubby's mother who are now in heaven. It is heartwarming to see candle-lit lanterns with all the wishes and prayers floating out to sea.

Tomorrow at Ala Moana Beach Park, Lantern floating will be held at 6:30pm. I am sad that I wont be able to be there. Hubby will be working and if ever he will ask for a day off I wouldn't want to go still because it will be so traffic and parking will be so hard to find. I'd rather stay home and watch it on TV than go there with our baby.

Here is the video to give you an overview about how the Lantern Floating is done:

Monday, May 24, 2010

Car for Less

Car is a necessity. It is hard to go somewhere if you don't have one. When I was in the Philippines I never had a hard time going somewhere I wanna go. Why? because there's lot of jeepneys, tricycles, pedicab, and etc. Whatever means of transportation they can discover just to bring people to their destination. Here in the US, if you don't have a car, your screwed. Its either wait for the bus or walk to work.

When I got here, we didn't have a car. Hubby was alone for how many years so he decided to just get a moped, no insurance and easy parking to work. Every time we go somewhere its either we ride a bus or rent a car. It was fun for awhile though but when we were already expecting a baby we decided to have a car. We didn't plan to have a car. One day, we got this letter from a car company about some good deals of cars and they are giving away Toyota Corolla if you win the draw. We knew the draw was just for promotion but we still went to check out cars.

A salesman welcomed us when we got there. Well, so much for the draw but all he did was convince us to get a car. He showed us the cars parked in their parking lot. Some were brand new cars and some were not. Hubby saw a black car and asked about it to the salesman but the salesman said that theres a slight problem with the water pump and will have it fix yet. He said that in the mainland they have their cars fixed in Chicago auto repair but since they were selling cars here in Hawaii they still need to find good auto repair shop. Hubby didn't have a choice but to choose another car and guess what he found the car that he wanted to have. Since then, we go anywhere we want so easy and so convenient.


Things come and go. There is no such thing that is permanent in this world. But some people want  things to be there till they are breathing and alive. Things that brings memories or things that they think its worth keeping for. Some people think its trash but for them its treasures. Its start from one thing until it gets to the point that it will buried them alive. They collect and collect but never select. They are normal people outside but they are hoarders inside.

I have never heard of the word "hoarder" when I was in the Philippines. I may not know some words but I guess I just never encountered or seen a hoarder when I was there. I learned about it when I got here. I saw on TV about it. They show people's houses with so much stuff in it whether its rotting food, animals, animal's feces, things, etc. Keeping and stocking things make their houses so horrible till they only have a small space for them to be alive. Sometimes they need to vacate the house because its filled up with so much things. Things that makes them feel secure and happy.

I thought I will only see on TV about people who are hoarders but one day hubby thought of introducing me to his friend. So we went to their house and made a surprise visit. His friend came out and hubby introduced me to her. When we went inside their house I was greeted by her mother. They were nice people and happy for us. As hubby and her friend were talking I couldn't help myself from looking around the house. I was telling myself how they can live there and not clean it. Hubby showed me her friend's doll collection and her friend said there's more in her room. In my surprised, I saw a room full of things. I didn't want to get inside but for respect I went inside and pretended there's nothing there but some doll collections. I judged her but when I learned about hoarders I felt sorry for her and for people who have that issues.

According to wikipedia, compulsive hoarding (or pathological hoarding or disposophobia) is the excessive acquisition of possessions (and failure to use or discard them), even if the items are worthless, hazardous, or unsanitary. Compulsive hoarding impairs mobility and interferes with basic activities, including cooking, cleaning, showering, and sleeping. A person who engages in compulsive hoarding is commonly said to be a "pack rat," in reference to that animal's characteristic hoarding.

Here are some pictures of hoarders' houses:


Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Shoes Again??

My hubby's work require a lot of walking almost all the time. He is always on his feet especially when its very busy at work. Sometimes when he gets home from work he complains about the shoes he's wearing. That's why every time we go to the store he always go to the shoes section to look for shoes that will be comfortable to use for work. I already loose count of how many shoes he got. We even threw some of them when we were cleaning up our apartment.

Yesterday, when we went to the mall he found this Osiris shoes. I am like a shopper who look at the price first before the item. I looked at the price and told him not to buy it because it was expensive. When we got home I look online for Osiris shoes and found a website that is selling it cheaper than the store here. Didn't think twice and hubby bought it. I am not working yet as for the time being but if I will start working I also want to have Osiris shoes just like my hubby.

A Baby's Laugh

A baby's smile is wonderful but a baby's laugh is priceless. Today I was able to film my baby laughing. I really find it so cool that I can easily make him giggle or laugh now. Seeing him laughing makes us laugh too. What a cute funny baby we got here. Aren't we lucky to have him? Yes, we are indeed.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Spoiled Brat Me

We went to the thrift store today to look for furnitures. Since the day we learned about the thrift store selling some good furnitures in a very affordable price, we always go there now to check some new stuff they have. When we got there at the store my hubby said to just leave the baby in the car since the car is parked just right infront of the store. I didnt like the idea so I told him that I'll carry the baby carrier with our baby in it. Our baby was sleeping thats why I didnt take him front the car seat. We didnt bring the stroller because it will take space in the car which there will be no space for the furniture that we will buy.

Our baby is getting heavy so I had a hard time carrying him around the store. When I learned that they are having a 50% discount on some selected items, I asked my hubby if he can watch the baby for awhile so I can look around to some other stuffs aside from looking at the furnitures. But my hubby refused to watch him. I kept on asking him but still he kept refusing it. So I went out and stayed in the car with our baby feeling a little bit dissappointed but trying to calm myself. When my hubby went out along with the stuff he bought he asked me if I want something then I replied, nothing. He asked me if I want something to eat then I kept on saying, I'm not hungry. As we were driving, hubby kept on teasing and tickling me because I told him I am dissappointed to him. I started crying because I was getting so dissappointed thinking about it like I'm a 7 year old girl. My hubby got a bit dissappointed of the way I'm acting so he made a U turn. I knew we were going back to the store but I tried not to laugh then he said you spoiled brat and I laughed. Before we went back to the store, we bought something to eat first. Though I didnt buy anything, just looking things in the store made my day.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's Day

5 Months in 5 Days

Today, we went to the pool again. Thankfully I didnt get lazy to charge my digicam so I was able to film our baby swimming in the pool with his floatie. He will be 5 months in 5 days and he is getting stronger everyday.

After his done swimming he got tired and fell asleep. It was a work out for his leg muscles but he enjoyed it. When we got home he showed his ability that really amazed me. He has been doing this just recently and I can't wait for the day to come that he will learn to crawl. He was getting crabby again in this video because he was tired from the pool and all he wanted was to sleep.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Swimming Time

Today hubby and I decided to go to the pool again so our baby can try his new swim suit that we bought last week. We didnt go anywhere and didnt want to go somewhere so we end up going to the pool. It was sunny earlier after two days of raining but now its getting cloudy. I think its gonna rain again later tonight. The pool was cold but my baby still enjoyed it. Too bad I didnt charge my digicam I would have taken video of him "swimming." I guess I'll be the only one in the family who wont know how to swim coz I know my baby will easily know how to swim as he was kicking so much and moving his arms as if he knew what to do already. Everytime the water gets inside his mouth he spits it out. I didnt really see him doing that because I was holding him making him swim and it was my hubby who saw him doing that.

It was his second time in the pool today. Though it was so sunny and windy, hubby and I enjoyed swimming with our baby. Here is the picture of our baby wearing his swim suit. He wasnt sleeping there. The sun was just too bright. His swim suit has surfboards design. My hubby liked it coz he likes surfing. Our baby wasnt wearing any diaper too. We just made him wear only that suit.

He was enjoying it but we didnt really stayed in the water for a long time. He was starting to get cold because it was too windy. Pretty soon we wont be dealing with the pool thats so windy all the time. hehehehe.