Thursday, April 8, 2010

Whatta View!

I've been living in Hawaii for more than a year now. The first time I got here I even questioned myself, "Is this USA? It doesn't seem like." I was looking around trying to absorb the fact that I am already here. My hubby kept on talking to me about all the places and I just kept on looking around. Looking around till I realized that yeah I'm here.

When I got here in our apartment, the first thing I noticed was the window. Its a glass window with no grills nor bars. My hubby opened the window and said, "Look at the view its so nice." I replied, "Wow, scary." I couldn't even get near the window. Why? Because we live in 21st floor...freaking scary for me. So much for the view, window got my attention.

I never really appreciate that much the view in our window. I always tell myself, I can see the ocean, trees, huge and tall buildings and of course cars. But whats with it? Nothing! I was in denial in some time. In some days whenever I look at the window to see the ocean. It makes me feel sad. It makes me miss the "home" I used to call. The "home" I am longing to see again. Then tears will fall from my eyes. Pause. Look around. Then tell myself, "too bad nobody is filming me, okay back to reality."

Yesterday, before my hubby went to work he told me there's a parade. We used to go and see parades but I didn't really find it interesting and exciting. Sometimes I do, Most of the time I don't. Hubby went to work and I stayed home with the baby. I opened the window and saw how traffic Waikiki was because they closed some lanes for the parade. As I kept on looking at the cars, then I looked at the ocean, then the trees, then the huge and tall buildings and told myself, "Huh, whatta view!" It was weird that for quite a long time of being here. It was just yesterday that I finally appreciated the view in our window. So I took a picture and told myself, "I'm here, here in USA, here in HAWAII...Aloooooha! hehehehehe.





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