Sunday, April 25, 2010


My hubby is a good driver. He has been driving car since he was 16 years old. He obeys traffic rules and he knows when to break it when needed. We always go out and most of the time we drive on the freeway to avoid traffic. Its quite scary to be on the freeway because sometimes there are tensions between drivers in the way they drive especially when they are in a hurry. When it comes to driving, my hubby can sometimes be impatient and doesn't want to be behind slow drivers. But when it comes to safety, he is good in keeping that.

I never really had the feeling of being scared driving on the freeway until one time when a driver was tailgating us so close even my hubby was driving 60 miles per hour already. He suddenly "tap" the break to tell the driver to back off. I was so shocked, good thing I had my seat belt on. The driver who was a girl went beside us and said something which made my hubby madder. So my hubby was swearing to her so much while driving. The girl shut up and tried not to look at us anymore.

I thought it wont happen again but I was wrong. Recently, when we were driving on the freeway somebody was tailgating us my hubby did the same thing. He was swearing to the driver again who happened to be a military. But my hubby didn't care, instead he wrote down the plate number of the driver's car so he can report the military. My hubby's moves of "tapping" the break when somebody is tailgating him is very dangerous but he will still do it because for him distance is important when driving.


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