Thursday, April 1, 2010

Springtime Cleaning

Me and my hubby go out almost everyday just to do something like fishing, driving around, window shopping or shopping or anything that we can think of that we both like to do for the day. Since my hubby doesn't want to just stay home because he gets bored so easy that's why we always think of "activity for the day."

Tuesday morning, my hubby planned to go surfing but was undecided if he will go or not. He used to have three surfboards thankfully he got rid of the two and bought new one now he has two. He was frustrated about his surfboard being under all the things that was piled over it giving him hard time to take it so he decided to just watched TV and I just did some house chores that I needed to do before he will make a decision to go or not. As he was watching TV, he was looking around the our apartment, thinking what he can do so he can easily take his surfboard and just go whenever he wants to go surfing. His frustration gave him the initiative to place his surfboard somewhere accessible which he said he would have done before.

He felt so happy about what he did which led him to rearrange our things and begun the springtime cleaning. I was happy too because at last we can get rid of the things that we don't really use. My hubby was the one who organized and cleaned our apartment since I cant really do so much because of my surgery. We threw quite a bit of things in our apartment that's why we had 5 trash bags after we were done.

I thought, springtime cleaning was over. I thought my hubby was already satisfied but then I guess he wasn't. Today, he decided to get rid of our dresser which we placed our 40 inch TV and buy a new dresser and a new TV stand. We went to different stores to compare prices because we want to have the one that we both like but in a cheaper price. We didn't buy yet because my hubby needed to go to work. We went to six stores that's why we didn't have enough time.

I'm not sure when we will have the second springtime cleaning. Maybe tomorrow or maybe the day after tomorrow. He has work tomorrow morning and I have a doctor's appointment on Saturday. So we'll see. I tell you, this second time will be a lot more difficult. Its gonna be way more than the First time. That's why we need to plan first before moving things around because some things are heavy. There's gonna be a lot of measuring here and there. Plus, both minds need to fuse together so we can do the second springtime cleaning as easy as possible.


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