Tuesday, April 20, 2010

No Time

Im just dropping by here, its funny. I am loosing this already. I can't find time to blog. but anyway last sunday we went to a Kam Swap Meet. Well, we didnt really know about it, we just saw it while we were driving around. My hubby thought its not there anymore so we always go to the other swap meet. When we were looking for spot to park, I was looking around inside the swap meet. I was tripping out because its different from the other swap meet that we always go. In the other swap meet most who go and buy there are tourists but in Kam Swap meet were local people. So we went inside and I was so happy when I saw that 95% of people that was in there were Filipinos. The vendors too were Filipinos. It was so cool to see some Philippine items and goods that they were selling plus with a loud music "Dayang dayang" hahahahaha. Even my hubby was tripping out. He told me that it felt like he was in the Philipines. But it was too bad because we got there 15 minutes before they close. They are open every Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday from 6am till 12 noon. Some booth was still open so we were able to look around and buy some stuffs. And believe or not I saw my favorite slippers, Islanders. My hubby didnt think twice and bought it for me because he knows that I like it so much. We were looking for that anywhere here before when my islander slippers worn out and we didnt find one. I was so sad that time because I dont like any other slippers. Im too picky when it comes to slippers.

We looked around the swap meet and then I saw a booth selling some used toys. Oh boy! Then I saw this hanna montana piano, Im not a fan of her but I just like a piano. I told my hubby to buy it. At first he told me not to because our baby has a piano already. But I insisted. It was $10 but I asked if they can give it to me for $8 and they did. When I got the piano, my hubby told me that our baby will like it and so I said no its not for our baby but its for me. My hubby laughed thinking I was joking but I told him that I wasnt kidding but its mine. My hubby told me "oh c'mon just share it to him then." hahahahaha. Well, I got my piano and thats what kept me busy. I dont know how to play piano but I know some simple songs that I can play. Its funny because since I got the piano, everytime my hubby arrives from work I always make him guess the music Im playing and he always try not to answer because its so simple that if he answer it, it will make him look stupid. I always insist so he can't do anything but answer and guess what Im playing. The songs were London Bridge is Falling Down and Silent Night.

I remember when I was young, me and my mother went to town and bought things. I saw a piano and kept on asking my mother to buy it but she didnt. When we got home I cried so my mother went back to town alone and bought the piano for me. hehehehehe. I like playing "Amazing Grace" which my father hates. Its kinda like a funeral song thats why. I dont wanna have a real piano. I just want to be happy with some simple things. Things that I know wont last to me. Atleast Im happy and I can be happy.


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