Wednesday, April 14, 2010

He is Four Months Now

Today, my baby turned four months. He had his "four month initiation" just like when a person join a fraternity...hehehehehe. He had his monthly check up today and he got two vaccines and one oral vaccine. He cried as usual but he stopped immediately after my hubby picked him up. He is 13.9 pounds which is not really that much but he is almost 27 inches now. I guess he will be a tall guy just like his daddy. Same with the shots he got when he was two months old, I didnt give him any pain medication today unless he will have fever which he doesnt have for the time being. I will just keep on checking his temperature every now and then just like I always do everytime he get his shots. Thankfully, he isnt crabby now but I dont know later...we'll see.

Everytime we lookk at our baby we always see a big boy and not a baby. But he is a screaming baby though. We dont know why he scream but he loves it. Its different from crying. Its his way of talking I guess or when he gets excited he does that which we find it weird. After his monthly check up, we went fishing. My hubby sat our baby on his lap and showed the birds just so close to them eating the food I gave them. Our baby was looking at the birds so much. I was expecting him to cry or get scared but he didnt which is good but theres one thing that scares him so much...the sound of the freaking loud vaccum. Thats why I dont vaccum the floor that much now coz he cries especially when he is sound asleep. hehehehehe.

Next month, another monthly check up. I dont really get excited about it. Why? coz we always wait for a long time in his pedia's clinic. Sometimes, when we get there his pedia isnt there yet. It always a waiting game there unlike my OB, shes always on time but his pedia is nice and good though. As of now, my two babies are sleeping thats why Im blogging. Im still experimenting my blog. Arranging this and that but doesnt have so much time of doing it. hehehehehe. So, till next time's report: HEALTHY BABY BOY.


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