Sunday, April 25, 2010


My hubby is a good driver. He has been driving car since he was 16 years old. He obeys traffic rules and he knows when to break it when needed. We always go out and most of the time we drive on the freeway to avoid traffic. Its quite scary to be on the freeway because sometimes there are tensions between drivers in the way they drive especially when they are in a hurry. When it comes to driving, my hubby can sometimes be impatient and doesn't want to be behind slow drivers. But when it comes to safety, he is good in keeping that.

I never really had the feeling of being scared driving on the freeway until one time when a driver was tailgating us so close even my hubby was driving 60 miles per hour already. He suddenly "tap" the break to tell the driver to back off. I was so shocked, good thing I had my seat belt on. The driver who was a girl went beside us and said something which made my hubby madder. So my hubby was swearing to her so much while driving. The girl shut up and tried not to look at us anymore.

I thought it wont happen again but I was wrong. Recently, when we were driving on the freeway somebody was tailgating us my hubby did the same thing. He was swearing to the driver again who happened to be a military. But my hubby didn't care, instead he wrote down the plate number of the driver's car so he can report the military. My hubby's moves of "tapping" the break when somebody is tailgating him is very dangerous but he will still do it because for him distance is important when driving.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

No Time

Im just dropping by here, its funny. I am loosing this already. I can't find time to blog. but anyway last sunday we went to a Kam Swap Meet. Well, we didnt really know about it, we just saw it while we were driving around. My hubby thought its not there anymore so we always go to the other swap meet. When we were looking for spot to park, I was looking around inside the swap meet. I was tripping out because its different from the other swap meet that we always go. In the other swap meet most who go and buy there are tourists but in Kam Swap meet were local people. So we went inside and I was so happy when I saw that 95% of people that was in there were Filipinos. The vendors too were Filipinos. It was so cool to see some Philippine items and goods that they were selling plus with a loud music "Dayang dayang" hahahahaha. Even my hubby was tripping out. He told me that it felt like he was in the Philipines. But it was too bad because we got there 15 minutes before they close. They are open every Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday from 6am till 12 noon. Some booth was still open so we were able to look around and buy some stuffs. And believe or not I saw my favorite slippers, Islanders. My hubby didnt think twice and bought it for me because he knows that I like it so much. We were looking for that anywhere here before when my islander slippers worn out and we didnt find one. I was so sad that time because I dont like any other slippers. Im too picky when it comes to slippers.

We looked around the swap meet and then I saw a booth selling some used toys. Oh boy! Then I saw this hanna montana piano, Im not a fan of her but I just like a piano. I told my hubby to buy it. At first he told me not to because our baby has a piano already. But I insisted. It was $10 but I asked if they can give it to me for $8 and they did. When I got the piano, my hubby told me that our baby will like it and so I said no its not for our baby but its for me. My hubby laughed thinking I was joking but I told him that I wasnt kidding but its mine. My hubby told me "oh c'mon just share it to him then." hahahahaha. Well, I got my piano and thats what kept me busy. I dont know how to play piano but I know some simple songs that I can play. Its funny because since I got the piano, everytime my hubby arrives from work I always make him guess the music Im playing and he always try not to answer because its so simple that if he answer it, it will make him look stupid. I always insist so he can't do anything but answer and guess what Im playing. The songs were London Bridge is Falling Down and Silent Night.

I remember when I was young, me and my mother went to town and bought things. I saw a piano and kept on asking my mother to buy it but she didnt. When we got home I cried so my mother went back to town alone and bought the piano for me. hehehehehe. I like playing "Amazing Grace" which my father hates. Its kinda like a funeral song thats why. I dont wanna have a real piano. I just want to be happy with some simple things. Things that I know wont last to me. Atleast Im happy and I can be happy.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Letting Go

When you love somebody so much, you always want to be with that person. You always want to let that person feel that you care for them. That no matter what happens your always be there for them. But what if you have given the best of you but its not enough to satisfy them. You are doing almost possible things that you can do just to make them happy but they're never happy. Your drain dead but they're still asking for more. You can't even hold them. Can't even feel them.

All a mother wants is for their baby to be nice and happy. I guess not just the mother but as well as the father. When I gave birth, I saw an angel in my hubby's arms. An angel that has been good and never gave us any problems us as new parents. An angel that I thought will always be the same but then I was wrong. Our lil angel baby is still much the same but there is one thing that he has been doing recently. He has been screaming till the top of his lungs whenever he likes to. Happy or sad he screams. Tell him to be quiet but he will answer back with a scream. We can't win but listen to his screams.

Lastnight,  I decided to do the chores even he is not yet asleep. Before, I wait till he sleeps but I always run out of time. Sometimes my hubby arrives from work and Im still doing something which I hate. Of course, as a wife I want to cater his needs too. While I was doing some chores, my baby was starting to get crabby because he was getting tired already. I did whatever I can just to make him sleep but not enough for him. He doesnt cry though but he screams. A language of his that I can't understand. I did everything but nothing worked so I just decided to let him go coz Im done. I continued the chores while trying to calm myself from the dissappointment I felt of not being able to make him happy. Hearing him screaming was like a failure to me as his mother.

He was on his tummy...screaming, complaining and moving so much just to get attention. I just looked at him wishing he will stop. Trying to convince myself that he will get tired of what he was doing. Suddenly, he stopped and fell asleep. I looked at his face to make sure his asleep and it made me laughed. My adorable baby sleeping on his tummy feeling contented and happy. The baby with a cute lil face that i love so dearly. The cute lil face that once was an angel is now a big boy. A big boy that doesnt know everything yet but knows when to tell me by his loud lil screams..."mommy, I've had enough so please let me go."

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

He is Four Months Now

Today, my baby turned four months. He had his "four month initiation" just like when a person join a fraternity...hehehehehe. He had his monthly check up today and he got two vaccines and one oral vaccine. He cried as usual but he stopped immediately after my hubby picked him up. He is 13.9 pounds which is not really that much but he is almost 27 inches now. I guess he will be a tall guy just like his daddy. Same with the shots he got when he was two months old, I didnt give him any pain medication today unless he will have fever which he doesnt have for the time being. I will just keep on checking his temperature every now and then just like I always do everytime he get his shots. Thankfully, he isnt crabby now but I dont know later...we'll see.

Everytime we lookk at our baby we always see a big boy and not a baby. But he is a screaming baby though. We dont know why he scream but he loves it. Its different from crying. Its his way of talking I guess or when he gets excited he does that which we find it weird. After his monthly check up, we went fishing. My hubby sat our baby on his lap and showed the birds just so close to them eating the food I gave them. Our baby was looking at the birds so much. I was expecting him to cry or get scared but he didnt which is good but theres one thing that scares him so much...the sound of the freaking loud vaccum. Thats why I dont vaccum the floor that much now coz he cries especially when he is sound asleep. hehehehehe.

Next month, another monthly check up. I dont really get excited about it. Why? coz we always wait for a long time in his pedia's clinic. Sometimes, when we get there his pedia isnt there yet. It always a waiting game there unlike my OB, shes always on time but his pedia is nice and good though. As of now, my two babies are sleeping thats why Im blogging. Im still experimenting my blog. Arranging this and that but doesnt have so much time of doing it. hehehehehe. So, till next time's report: HEALTHY BABY BOY.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Want Some?


My baby is almost 4 months now. He is getting stronger everyday. He has been rolling over on his tummy which makes me happy. He always do some things that makes us laugh. One of those is grabbing his foot to try to lick or suck his socks.


He is so into it that even when he is in his stroller he will try hard just to reach his foot to suck his socks. He also like to hold his feet like this;


Im not sure though what he was trying to show me but I guess he just want to show off Mickey and Minnie Mouse on his diaper. hehehehe. Hmmm...maybe I should try this for my belly to go away. hehehehe.


Its so funny to look at him doing those funny moves. Lastnight, I was lying on the bed watching tv beside him. I noticed that his feet were up again in the air and oops mine too! hahahaha. I guess he got it from me. Huh! like mother, like son.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Whatta View!

I've been living in Hawaii for more than a year now. The first time I got here I even questioned myself, "Is this USA? It doesn't seem like." I was looking around trying to absorb the fact that I am already here. My hubby kept on talking to me about all the places and I just kept on looking around. Looking around till I realized that yeah I'm here.

When I got here in our apartment, the first thing I noticed was the window. Its a glass window with no grills nor bars. My hubby opened the window and said, "Look at the view its so nice." I replied, "Wow, scary." I couldn't even get near the window. Why? Because we live in 21st floor...freaking scary for me. So much for the view, window got my attention.

I never really appreciate that much the view in our window. I always tell myself, I can see the ocean, trees, huge and tall buildings and of course cars. But whats with it? Nothing! I was in denial in some time. In some days whenever I look at the window to see the ocean. It makes me feel sad. It makes me miss the "home" I used to call. The "home" I am longing to see again. Then tears will fall from my eyes. Pause. Look around. Then tell myself, "too bad nobody is filming me, okay back to reality."

Yesterday, before my hubby went to work he told me there's a parade. We used to go and see parades but I didn't really find it interesting and exciting. Sometimes I do, Most of the time I don't. Hubby went to work and I stayed home with the baby. I opened the window and saw how traffic Waikiki was because they closed some lanes for the parade. As I kept on looking at the cars, then I looked at the ocean, then the trees, then the huge and tall buildings and told myself, "Huh, whatta view!" It was weird that for quite a long time of being here. It was just yesterday that I finally appreciated the view in our window. So I took a picture and told myself, "I'm here, here in USA, here in HAWAII...Aloooooha! hehehehehe.




Thursday, April 1, 2010

Springtime Cleaning

Me and my hubby go out almost everyday just to do something like fishing, driving around, window shopping or shopping or anything that we can think of that we both like to do for the day. Since my hubby doesn't want to just stay home because he gets bored so easy that's why we always think of "activity for the day."

Tuesday morning, my hubby planned to go surfing but was undecided if he will go or not. He used to have three surfboards thankfully he got rid of the two and bought new one now he has two. He was frustrated about his surfboard being under all the things that was piled over it giving him hard time to take it so he decided to just watched TV and I just did some house chores that I needed to do before he will make a decision to go or not. As he was watching TV, he was looking around the our apartment, thinking what he can do so he can easily take his surfboard and just go whenever he wants to go surfing. His frustration gave him the initiative to place his surfboard somewhere accessible which he said he would have done before.

He felt so happy about what he did which led him to rearrange our things and begun the springtime cleaning. I was happy too because at last we can get rid of the things that we don't really use. My hubby was the one who organized and cleaned our apartment since I cant really do so much because of my surgery. We threw quite a bit of things in our apartment that's why we had 5 trash bags after we were done.

I thought, springtime cleaning was over. I thought my hubby was already satisfied but then I guess he wasn't. Today, he decided to get rid of our dresser which we placed our 40 inch TV and buy a new dresser and a new TV stand. We went to different stores to compare prices because we want to have the one that we both like but in a cheaper price. We didn't buy yet because my hubby needed to go to work. We went to six stores that's why we didn't have enough time.

I'm not sure when we will have the second springtime cleaning. Maybe tomorrow or maybe the day after tomorrow. He has work tomorrow morning and I have a doctor's appointment on Saturday. So we'll see. I tell you, this second time will be a lot more difficult. Its gonna be way more than the First time. That's why we need to plan first before moving things around because some things are heavy. There's gonna be a lot of measuring here and there. Plus, both minds need to fuse together so we can do the second springtime cleaning as easy as possible.