Friday, March 19, 2010

Tyree at Three!

My sweet wonderfull lil baby is three month old now. He is growing but not really gaining weight. Today we went to his three-month check up. He is now 11.75 pounds from being 10.68 pounds when he was two months. Though he didnt gain that much but I felt contented when I learned about his height. From being 22 3/4 inches when he was two months now he is 25 1/2 inches. I asked the nurse if they can give me a baby book so I have a record of his progress. His pedia told us that though he didnt gain much weight he seems to be normal because at three months, he is already very attentive and happy. She even said that her grandson is already six months old but is not bubbly like our baby. While we were talking to his pedia, our baby was talking back to her. I can say he is a smart baby like his daddy and I guess his mommy hehehehehe.

I told his pedia that he still doesnt make dodo everyday. He still do it every two to three days but its not a pebble-like poop. She told us to give him prune juice so we went to the store and bought one today. It was so funny because my hubby gave him the juice while he was sleeping. When he started sucking the bottle it woke him up because of the awful taste of the juice. Its really hard to introduce something new to him because he has a very strong taste that gave me a hard time switching him to another brand of milk. Was it successful? I can say it was for awhile but then I failed. hehehehehe.

My baby at three is something for us. From the time he was born, he already gave us so much happiness till the time being. I can say that as he is getting older the more happiness he brings to our lil family. His smile always give us strength to be strong everyday as we face life. He completes us. He is our bundle of joy. He maybe little but I know we are so lucky to have a wonderfull baby named Tyree.


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