Sunday, March 21, 2010

Talking Tyree!

For the first time Im gonna post a video of my lil baby Tyree. Today, I decided to give it a shot since I haven't done it since he was in his early months or weeks. Its not that I dont want to but I was just too lazy to charge the battery of my digicam. I've been only using my phone for taking pictures because its very handy and its just always right there close to me unlike my digicam. hehehehehe...

I filmed this video so early in the morning. My hubby woke up for work and everytime he wakes up he always try to wake up our baby from his sleep. Though, maybe not in general but I guess some people wants there baby to sleep so they can also rest or do something else but for my hubby its the opposite. We enjoy our baby so much that we'd rather have him awake than sleeping.

My baby was getting crabby when I was filming the video because he wants to go to sleep again. As soon as I finished filming him I gave him his milk and then he fell asleep so fast. I was able to film a video but darn it my battery was going low that made the video not good at the last part of it but oh well Im still gonna post it because its part of my "First Times." First times sometimes doesnt go perfect as expected. I kinda sound funny when I was talking because I need to keep my mouth close till the next three weeks I guess. But anyway, here is the video of my cute crabby pants baby lil Tyree.


Riza DP said...

Oh my, how adorable!!! Ang gwapo talaga ni Tyree :) Wawa naman at ginising kaya grumpy no'ng umpisa. Sarap pisilin!

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