Sunday, March 28, 2010

Our New Song

My hubby had been hearing the chorus of this song on the radio and TV but never really had the chance to hear the whole song. He liked it so much that he really wanted to hear this song. Yesterday, when we were driving we were listening on the radio and suddenly the song was played. He immediately recognized the song and felt so happy. The lyrics of the song was so perfect that made him cried. At first, I didn't notice that he was crying while driving the car because I was at the back seat with our baby. When he looked at me through the front mirror I then knew that he was crying. I tapped his head, smiled and told him "you barney." I knew the reason why he was crying. He's been always like that ever since I met him. He always cry when he hear song that relates to our relationship. When we got home he told me that this will be our new song now. We love each other so much its unbelievable.

I wanna share the video of this song I made myself.
Its my first time to make a video so its not really good but I just wanna share it.


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