Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Dear Diary

Ive been missing out here. I was just not in the mood to share. I was tired. I was lazy. Didnt have any ideas of what to talk about. I knew this will be like this. Theres lots of things thats happening tom me but there are only few things I wanna share here. I guess Im like that...when I was young, though I still am, I used to buy stuffs like bags, shoes, accessories or anything that I would like to have, use it maybe once or twice or even thrice but then just forget about it. I easily get tired of things especially if they dont talk. Well I know things dont talk but hope they do so I will know what they think and feel. But its kinda weird to talk to a thing. I must be crazy if I do that.

This past few days Ive been talking about our lil baby. Posted pictures and videos of him. Then suddenly, I got tired of it. Though I still take pictures of him but never really want to post it here. I thought blogging is a way for me to be open but theres still a part of me that I dont want to talk about. I guess its just right. If theres left and right, there is also what we call us private and public. So Im having both.

My leg has been swelling everytime I keep on walking that sometimes makes my day bad. I never had a problem with my face but its only my leg thats bothering me. There are times that I want to clean the house but cant really do it well because I need to sit down or lay down to elevate my leg so the swelling will go down. But there are times I just need to do it. I just ignore the swelling and just do whatever I need to do. Its kinda hard taking care of myself and taking care of our baby when hubby is at work. Well, its not really hard. Im just saying just to say it. hehehehehe.

Have you tried eating noodle soup? I guess almost everybody has but how about blend the noodle soup and eat it with straw? I dont think you have ever tried that one. I did, Actually I always do since after I had my surgery. Call me Mrs. Blender. Cooked rice and grilled beef ribs. Oooh delicious! Blend it after. Oooh yucky! Anything under the sun that I can think of blending. Just earlier, I made a smoothie I guess. Its made out of frozen banana, a white chocolate ice cream bar, an ice cream in a waffle cone and soymilk then put a lil bit of hershey's chocolate syrup. Was it yummy? Yeah it was...but not really.

I am not thinking well today thats why Im just saying anything. I am weird. I wish my blog will always be here. I wish I can always share something even people dont really have interest of reading it. Its nice to have a "Dear Diary" though hi-tech because its online but so what I guess I can manage. I hope so. I hope my memo to remember will never be fade away. Maybe not for now but hope not soon.


Riza DP said...

Don't worry RR. Feeling lazy is normal and it happens from time to time. I also feel the same at times. Keep writing though :)

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