Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Dear Diary

Ive been missing out here. I was just not in the mood to share. I was tired. I was lazy. Didnt have any ideas of what to talk about. I knew this will be like this. Theres lots of things thats happening tom me but there are only few things I wanna share here. I guess Im like that...when I was young, though I still am, I used to buy stuffs like bags, shoes, accessories or anything that I would like to have, use it maybe once or twice or even thrice but then just forget about it. I easily get tired of things especially if they dont talk. Well I know things dont talk but hope they do so I will know what they think and feel. But its kinda weird to talk to a thing. I must be crazy if I do that.

This past few days Ive been talking about our lil baby. Posted pictures and videos of him. Then suddenly, I got tired of it. Though I still take pictures of him but never really want to post it here. I thought blogging is a way for me to be open but theres still a part of me that I dont want to talk about. I guess its just right. If theres left and right, there is also what we call us private and public. So Im having both.

My leg has been swelling everytime I keep on walking that sometimes makes my day bad. I never had a problem with my face but its only my leg thats bothering me. There are times that I want to clean the house but cant really do it well because I need to sit down or lay down to elevate my leg so the swelling will go down. But there are times I just need to do it. I just ignore the swelling and just do whatever I need to do. Its kinda hard taking care of myself and taking care of our baby when hubby is at work. Well, its not really hard. Im just saying just to say it. hehehehehe.

Have you tried eating noodle soup? I guess almost everybody has but how about blend the noodle soup and eat it with straw? I dont think you have ever tried that one. I did, Actually I always do since after I had my surgery. Call me Mrs. Blender. Cooked rice and grilled beef ribs. Oooh delicious! Blend it after. Oooh yucky! Anything under the sun that I can think of blending. Just earlier, I made a smoothie I guess. Its made out of frozen banana, a white chocolate ice cream bar, an ice cream in a waffle cone and soymilk then put a lil bit of hershey's chocolate syrup. Was it yummy? Yeah it was...but not really.

I am not thinking well today thats why Im just saying anything. I am weird. I wish my blog will always be here. I wish I can always share something even people dont really have interest of reading it. Its nice to have a "Dear Diary" though hi-tech because its online but so what I guess I can manage. I hope so. I hope my memo to remember will never be fade away. Maybe not for now but hope not soon.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Our New Song

My hubby had been hearing the chorus of this song on the radio and TV but never really had the chance to hear the whole song. He liked it so much that he really wanted to hear this song. Yesterday, when we were driving we were listening on the radio and suddenly the song was played. He immediately recognized the song and felt so happy. The lyrics of the song was so perfect that made him cried. At first, I didn't notice that he was crying while driving the car because I was at the back seat with our baby. When he looked at me through the front mirror I then knew that he was crying. I tapped his head, smiled and told him "you barney." I knew the reason why he was crying. He's been always like that ever since I met him. He always cry when he hear song that relates to our relationship. When we got home he told me that this will be our new song now. We love each other so much its unbelievable.

I wanna share the video of this song I made myself.
Its my first time to make a video so its not really good but I just wanna share it.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

All about our baby

Its another happy day with our lil baby Tyree. I've been posting so much about our baby here. I guess I'm just too proud and happy to share him to the world. Today, me and my hubby were having fun with him. We always do but here is one that I was able to film on video.

I have this weird ear and nose issues since maybe I knew it. Thats why I was doing that do my baby too.

My baby as he is getting older, he is learning some things that amaze us. He knows how to hold his bottle while drinking milk. Though, its not a big deal but for me it is. I always feel happy to every simple things that he does because all I want is him to learn the things that he needs to know. Photobucket Photobucket

He's been sleeping on his back with wide open legs and all arms up for over three months. I was a bit worried about it because I thought I'd never see the day for him to show some signs of rolling over on his tummy. But two days ago he did. He laid on his side and fell asleep. I really hope that one day he will surprise us. I am looking forward for him to roll over and by then start to crawl. Photobucket

There's one thing that I'd like to share. I find it so adorable and cute to see my baby and hubby sleeping so close together. I guess its one of the sweetest moments not all can do. My baby likes to touch my hubby's arm when he sleeps. I think he feels secure and safe knowing his daddy is just beside him. Just looking at them delight me that I dont mind at all if I dont sleep beside my hubby sometimes. I still feel much more of his love for me by just simply loving our baby so much. I know there is so much love in our family that whatever it takes it will always be a strong lil Ohana. Photobucket

Its all about our baby. Its all about Tyree. His cute adorable face everyday inspires us to just have fun and enjoy life with him. Everyday there's always challenges. But with our baby Tyree, everyday is another day of joy and laughter.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Talking Tyree!

For the first time Im gonna post a video of my lil baby Tyree. Today, I decided to give it a shot since I haven't done it since he was in his early months or weeks. Its not that I dont want to but I was just too lazy to charge the battery of my digicam. I've been only using my phone for taking pictures because its very handy and its just always right there close to me unlike my digicam. hehehehehe...

I filmed this video so early in the morning. My hubby woke up for work and everytime he wakes up he always try to wake up our baby from his sleep. Though, maybe not in general but I guess some people wants there baby to sleep so they can also rest or do something else but for my hubby its the opposite. We enjoy our baby so much that we'd rather have him awake than sleeping.

My baby was getting crabby when I was filming the video because he wants to go to sleep again. As soon as I finished filming him I gave him his milk and then he fell asleep so fast. I was able to film a video but darn it my battery was going low that made the video not good at the last part of it but oh well Im still gonna post it because its part of my "First Times." First times sometimes doesnt go perfect as expected. I kinda sound funny when I was talking because I need to keep my mouth close till the next three weeks I guess. But anyway, here is the video of my cute crabby pants baby lil Tyree.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Tyree at Three!

My sweet wonderfull lil baby is three month old now. He is growing but not really gaining weight. Today we went to his three-month check up. He is now 11.75 pounds from being 10.68 pounds when he was two months. Though he didnt gain that much but I felt contented when I learned about his height. From being 22 3/4 inches when he was two months now he is 25 1/2 inches. I asked the nurse if they can give me a baby book so I have a record of his progress. His pedia told us that though he didnt gain much weight he seems to be normal because at three months, he is already very attentive and happy. She even said that her grandson is already six months old but is not bubbly like our baby. While we were talking to his pedia, our baby was talking back to her. I can say he is a smart baby like his daddy and I guess his mommy hehehehehe.

I told his pedia that he still doesnt make dodo everyday. He still do it every two to three days but its not a pebble-like poop. She told us to give him prune juice so we went to the store and bought one today. It was so funny because my hubby gave him the juice while he was sleeping. When he started sucking the bottle it woke him up because of the awful taste of the juice. Its really hard to introduce something new to him because he has a very strong taste that gave me a hard time switching him to another brand of milk. Was it successful? I can say it was for awhile but then I failed. hehehehehe.

My baby at three is something for us. From the time he was born, he already gave us so much happiness till the time being. I can say that as he is getting older the more happiness he brings to our lil family. His smile always give us strength to be strong everyday as we face life. He completes us. He is our bundle of joy. He maybe little but I know we are so lucky to have a wonderfull baby named Tyree.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

I Survived!

Its been three days now since I got out from the hospital. Its been three days now that I got back my life and freedom from the scary moment of my life. The thought of facing death and leaving your love ones was not easy. But God is so good that He gave me another chance. A chance to live, to love and reach the heavens above. Oops, that sounds familiar.
Anyway, I'm back! I'm blogging away again! I didn't have time to blog the day I got out from the hospital because I was so tired. Being in the hospital for sixteen days wasn't totally easy but I made it. Every time I think how did I do that? Laying on the bed. Watching the tick tack clicking clock and waiting for time to pass by. Oh my god, good thing I didn't go crazy.

25th of February when I went to the hospital for surgery of the big mass in my jaw. Me and my hubby was pretty nervous waiting for me to be admitted to the surgery. When my name was called we needed to leave our baby to a perfect stranger sitting in the waiting area because children under 12 years old is not allowed to get inside. As we were walking to the room with the nurse, he told me that I looked nervous and I said because the doctor said I could die and then he said "you wont die, nobody die from it". Me and my hubby felt relieved and laughed but still felt a bit nervous. The surgery took 12 hours just to remove the mass because the doctor was so careful with all the nerves on the face and blood vessels that she needed to connect. I cant imagine how hard it is but she was able to do it.

After the surgery, I woke up with my mouth wired and a hole in my neck for breathing. The wired in my mouth was easy but the hole in my neck was so hard for me. I cant breathe through my nose because I breathe to the hole. Every time I cough some mucus always comes out from the hole so I always call the nurse to suction the mucus in the hole so I can breathe. That hole in my neck almost killed me. One night, I was calling the nurse so bad because I couldn't breathe anymore. I woke up with all the people surrounding me, trying to revive me because I passed out. The hole was clogged with so much mucus because the nurse didn't suction it. I didn't know I almost died from it. They called my hubby and told him what happened. He was all worried that he even cried when he got to the ICU where they brought me just to make sure I'm gonna be okay. I wasn't really an ICU patient but they kept me there till my second surgery.

My second surgery took nine hours. I woke up with still a hole in my neck, wired mouth plus an aching leg because they took a fibula bone in my leg to use it for the reconstruction. My doctor really made sure that it wont happened to me again so she really told the nurses to monitor me very well. I was hooked to a lot of devices left and right. That's why I wasn't really doing anything but lay on the bed all the time. I learned how to suction myself because I didn't want to depend my life to some nurses who didn't really care. I needed to be wise because I was alone. Nobody was there for me all the time to help me. Though my hubby was there everyday but he doesn't sleep there. There were few times I cried because I felt so alone especially every time my hubby with our baby needed to go so he can go to work. My hubby always try to cheer me up and tell me that everything will be fine. He always make sure that when he leaves I am not sad.

I was alone in the hospital but God was there for me all the time, everyday to make me strong. He made it so easy for me that instead of one month in the hospital it only took thirteen days from the second surgery to the day I discharged from the hospital. When I was there, I never questioned God why it happened to me. Instead, I felt so much of His love for me that He gave me a very wonderful husband and a happy baby plus in His own mysterious ways He showed how much He loves me. I know there will still be challenges for me that I need to face. Maybe its something big. Maybe its something small. But I know God is with me. I know He is just there. That's why I'm here. That's why I survived.