Wednesday, February 24, 2010

RR : Remove and Reconstruct

I am so happy that finally by tomorrow Im gonna have my major major so major surgery in my life. Its gonna be a hmmm...maybe 10 hour or more surgery. I will be gone for maybe a month as what the doctor told me. I'll be staying in the hospital for recovery. What's the surgery for? Well, its the mass in my mouth that had grown bigger for maybe two years now. Yes, when I was pregnant I had this and it didnt bother me at all. I still had a normal delivery and a healthy baby boy. Am I scared? Yeah, I was yesterday, especially when the doctor told us that I could die from it from bleeding I guess. I cant remember what the doctor exactly said but the thing of saying I could die made me cry and my hubby too. We were just crying so much when we got home that we even discussed what he would do if it will happen. But today when we got a call from my doctor's office that everything is all ready. I felt so happy because it will really be tomorrow. So I guess Im pretty excited about it now than scared. Im just blessed that my insurance will cover it.

There will be two doctors that will do the surgery. The first one is the main doctor that will take the mass out of my mouth and do the reconstruction and the other doctor is the one who will take a piece of bone in my leg to use for reconstruction. Its scary if I really think about it but I know Im gonna make it. I just pray to God that everything will be fine. I maybe in my worst condition after that but I know Im gonna be better. I guess thats all for now. See you when I see you.


Riza DP said...

Hi girl...visited VJ today and saw your post. Been a while since checking the Mommies there. I am sorry to hear about the physical discomfort, but glad that finally you will have your surgery. Be strong, keep the faith. God will never leave you and your family. I will be praying for you as well, and looking forward to hear you soon! Of course, I will see you :)

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