Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Our 2nd year Anniversary

Two years of being married together is a wow for us. How amazing that two different person with two different race and culture was able to ride with the same boat for two years now. Not all people can be together for quite a long time nowadays. Some will last a year and some will only last for months. There are lot of reasons why but there's nothing you can do when the boat sink. Just hang on, save your life from loneliness and sadness then move on.

Two years, was it easy? I can say it was and still it is... we just love each other so much its unbelievable. We are best friends, buddies, and lovers, We are everything I guess. There's no day that we don't say "I love you so much" to each other. Sometimes we even make it like a contest of who can say it many times in a day but my hubby always win. Though he doesn't give me flowers or chocolates but he gives or does whatever he thinks that makes me happy. He always makes me feel special. There were times that I thought he doesn't care but he told me that he doesn't wanna show it because when he does I get so emotional. He had flaws before we met, made mistakes but he changed his life and started a new life with me. I accepted and loved him for who he is. He may not be perfect but nobody can ever give a love that he is giving to me. He loves me so much that he hates it because if ever he loose me he'd rather end his life too. Even I am 25 years younger than him we get along so good. Everyday its always me and my hubby, no friends, no family but now with a baby.

We call each other "baby" but when we joke around like we always do, we call each other "dirt bag", "barney", "lying sack", and along with saying "you've got balls." He always make fun of me like try to touch my ear because he knows I don't like my ear to be touched. So to get even, every time he brushes his teeth I tickle his butt or put him on video every time he poop. There are funny things that we always do just to be happy because for my hubby sadness has no place for us.

As his wife, I can say I'm not a perfect wife but for him I am. When we had our baby, even I don't have enough sleep taking care of our baby, I still get up so early just to make him breakfast when he needs to work in the morning. I am such a big baby but my hubby knows how to deal with it. I am the reason why my hubby likes to go fishing now. Before I came here he never go fishing. he never even have fishing poles and stuffs for fishing. I told him I wanted to go fishing so he bought me fishing pole but since I don't know how to cast he end up doing it. Now its one of his hobbies aside from surfing. I don't really have much to say about how I am to my hubby. All I know is he loves me so much that for him I am the air that he breathe. I am his life.

Its been two years now that our love for each other is getting stronger everyday. Though we didn't celebrate it with a candle light dinner with flowers or anything but it is a memorable 2nd year anniversary for us. Just being together and knowing that our love for each other is still there making us complete is enough. I don't know how to end this blog but I guess we are just both one of the luckiest people in the world to found a true love. A love that is unconditional. A love that is beyond what we expected.


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