Saturday, February 20, 2010

Old Age Sistah?

I'm dark, she's white. I'm 5 ft., she's....hmmm 4 ft?? I'm skinny, she's bulky. I'm introvert, she's extrovert. I'm married, she's single. I'm cancer, she's Pisces. I'm cute, she's beautiful...just kidding. I'm sexy, she's not...oops i mean to say hot! I'm good, she's...hmmm...she's the best. The best sister in my life.

Just celebrated her 27th birthday yesterday. I was able to greet her online. I almost forgot but there's never too late for her. Old age sistah?? Nah...she told me yesterday "I maybe old but i still look young." that for sure? hahahaha. She just learn to speak English yesterday. Duh! Age really matters huh. hehehe. Just kidding.

My sister is a strong person. Whenever we have a fight, she can hit me without thinking Ill be hurt. I always tease her "matutina" every time she gets mad at me of something I use or do. She has that "machine gun" mouth that will keep on going on and on and on. I'll just laugh and make fun of her. But sometimes I retaliate by saying mean things to her just to get even. Sometimes we get cuts and bruises whenever we fight but after awhile we kiss and make up.

I missed my sister. I know shes just a text away but I'm how many miles away from her. I cant even count. All I know is that, I'm here and shes there. I missed going out with her. Every time she has money and I don't, I always point this and that like a lil kid telling her mommy to buy this and buy that. Does she buy it? Not really, but if I insist she will hahahaha. I missed sleeping beside her too. I like to put my legs or my feet on her back. Does she like it? Heck no! But she sleeps so much she wont even know if i put my legs on her back again. I missed being with her. I missed our bonding moments together. I felt sad when she was the only one who organized the children's party in our street for the new year this year. Before, its usually the two of us.

Oh my sister, someday we can be together again. Someday I can make fun of you again. Someday we can bond again. Just wait. Someday... we'll talk about the old days, and I'll see you in your "young" age. Luv yah sistah!


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