Tuesday, February 16, 2010

My two month old cutie baby Tyree!

Today, we went to his pedia for his two month check up and he got two shots (ouch!) and one oral vaccine. When he was one month old he was 9.2 pounds and now he is only 10.12 pounds...hmmm i dont know if ill be happy about it but just knowing that he is gaining and not loosing weight well thats something to be happy about already. His pedia said as long as he is growing then thats fine. I was just so concern about his weight because he only drink 24oz of milk a day and I was thinking maybe thats not enough and today I read online that a two month old baby should drink about 20 to 28 oz of formula so i guess he is fine. About his height not really particular about it because i know he will be taller than me thats for sure. The pedia prescribe tylenol drops for him in case he will have fever, thats why every now and then I keep checking his temperature. He was a bit fussy when we were in the store but now he is fine and sleeping while sucking his milk.

Time pass so fast its sickening, I just gave birth last December and now he is two months old. He is growing fast but we surely love every moments we have with him. He smiles a lot and "talk" so much now. My hubby is the one who really talk to him a lot and it makes me happy just watching my two babies having a good time. Sometimes when I wake up in the morning my two babies are sleeping close together and I just watch them so sweet and ahh it melts my heart hahahahaha. My hubby told me that before we had our baby people were telling him that when you have a baby it will be so hard because the baby will cry so much this and that but I guess we are just lucky because he never really gives as a hard time. He sleeps a lot and we never wake up in our sleep with a screaming cry. He is such a good boy. His head control is getting better everyday though i dont have a bumbo seat and not planning of buying one I make myself his bumbo seat hehehehehe. And oh one thing, I hate that 3 in 1 car seat so I told my hubby to buy an infant car seat. We bought yesterday for $60 in the store and it really makes a big difference. Today, when we went out I was able to be on my spot (front seat) and our baby was all alone in the back. He is already two months old so he is quite a big boy now.


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