Monday, February 15, 2010

My first time

TimeThis will be my first blog ever in my life. Ive known about Blogging maybe last year but never really tried to do it because I didnt really have so much interest about doing it. But everytime I read my friend's blogs it always makes me think oh maybe i should try it why not...its fun i guess but i didnt really know what im gonna talk about coz theres nothing really happening in my life..thats what i was thinking but yeah theres a lot...i just dont wanna talk about it here because im a private person and i dont want everybody to know whats happening to my life. But people change so do I am blogging away hehehehehe...i hope i wont get tired of doing it. I dont really know if this will benefit me or not but I guess il just do it since almost every people are doing it already why not go with the trend.

Well, I hope I have lot of things to share and I can share it with no hesitation so goodluck to me and my blog. My first blog, my first time. cool...hehehehehe.


Riza DP said...

Yay, so happy that you are starting to blog. There's a LOT to tell :) Keep it up!

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