Sunday, February 21, 2010

Im confused!

I don't know what to do! Today we met the babysitter. We went to her place and look at her apartment. She had toys, baby chairs and bumbo seat and etc.. She explained to us how it will be with babysitting my baby and gave us paper works to fill out. We chitchat for awhile. After we agreed about getting her as a babysitter for our baby and also the rate so we left and went fishing. While we were in the car on the way to go fishing, she called me to tell me that shes gonna charge me $25 a day from February 25th till the 28th and then on the 1st of March she will start to charge us the $500 a month. It will cost us $600 a month instead of $500 a month that we both agreed. I mean c'mon, why cant she just make it one month from February 25th till March 25th that's still a month.

I called back and told her that we cant afford $25 a day for 4 days plus the $500 for a month. She wasn't able to answer her phone so I left a message and maybe after 20 minutes she called back but hang up the phone. I was wondering what was that so I called back again but then she didn't answer the phone. When we got home from fishing I called again and left a message. I didn't get a call from her so I decided to find another babysitter. I was able to find one that will charge us $400 a month. I was like omg its $100 cheaper than her. I called the other babysitter and I asked if we can meet tomorrow. And boom tomorrow at 11am we will meet her. But is the part that gave me a very big confusion. After I set up a meeting to the other babysitter, the first babysitter called me and told me that okay they will just charge us $500 a month. When I hang up the phone after talking to her I was like ooh what now...who I'm gonna choose? The first one or the second one? The 500 or the 400? We'll see...


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