Wednesday, February 17, 2010

"I got your panties"

Oh my god! What a weird thing to say to a woman who is already married. I dont know why some people have the balls to try to ruin somebody's life.

Yesterday morning I got a call from a private number. I thought it was something important so I got up from bed and answered my phone. When I answered my phone a strange voice greeted me "Happy Valentines" so I asked "Who is this?" but I couldnt really understand what he was saying but he was saying something in a strange manner as if he was doing "something." My hubby woke up and was wondering who I was talking to at that time of the day. I told my hubby about it and gave him the phone so he can talk to the man. My hubby didnt say anything to the man but he just try to listen to the man on the phone. And the weird strange guy said "I got your panties" so my hubby said hello and the guy hang up. The weird strange guy kept on calling but every time my hubby answer the phone the guy hang up. I told my hubby that I am not cheating on him and my hubby said "shut up! I know you dont." I felt relieved after my hubby said that because not all men trust their wives so much that if the same thing happen to them maybe they will doubt their wives and sometimes it can ruin their relationship.

My hubby told me that if I get a call from a private number again he will answer it. He told me maybe the guy liked my voice and think it was cute so he kept on calling me because I got a call from a private number before around 2am and we think it was the same guy who called me yesterday. I never gave my number to anybody but maybe he got it from craigslist because when I sell something I put my number there. My hubby said "Too bad for him he will never hear your voice again". If the guy will keep on calling ang bugging me again we might change my number and maybe then I wont get any maniac caller like him.


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