Monday, February 15, 2010


Since the past few days ive been looking for a babysitter who can take care of my two month old cute baby boy because il be away for maybe a month and my hubby need to go to work so we really need a babysitter for our baby. Thankfully, yesterday night I was able to find one who will charge us $500 for a month unlike other people they will charge $12-$15 per hour...huh i got a good deal right there. We didnt meet the babysitter yet because shes not available during weekdays so hopefully on Sunday we can meet her to see if her place is a child friendly environment and I really wish that we will like her because I dont have so much time to look for another babysitter that will fit our budget. The nicest thing about it is that the babysitter just live near our place so my hubby wont drive for a long mile back and forth just to bring and get our baby. Hmmm...I am thinking about babysitting too but nah I dont like other kids...I love my own so screw that thinking thinker.

Im just wondering what other people feel when they need to go to work everyday or be away for days or month and leave their babies to a babysitter because just thinking about my baby being with the hands of somebody else breaks my heart already. Everytime I look at my baby while he's sleeping it makes me cry because I want to be with him always, be there when he cries and enjoy the moments of his laughter. But nope I cant, I need to be away I dont know how long but hope it will just surely be one month or less. Oh well, i guess i need to suffer being away from my baby...theres nothing i can do but just deal with it.


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