Wednesday, February 24, 2010

RR : Remove and Reconstruct

I am so happy that finally by tomorrow Im gonna have my major major so major surgery in my life. Its gonna be a hmmm...maybe 10 hour or more surgery. I will be gone for maybe a month as what the doctor told me. I'll be staying in the hospital for recovery. What's the surgery for? Well, its the mass in my mouth that had grown bigger for maybe two years now. Yes, when I was pregnant I had this and it didnt bother me at all. I still had a normal delivery and a healthy baby boy. Am I scared? Yeah, I was yesterday, especially when the doctor told us that I could die from it from bleeding I guess. I cant remember what the doctor exactly said but the thing of saying I could die made me cry and my hubby too. We were just crying so much when we got home that we even discussed what he would do if it will happen. But today when we got a call from my doctor's office that everything is all ready. I felt so happy because it will really be tomorrow. So I guess Im pretty excited about it now than scared. Im just blessed that my insurance will cover it.

There will be two doctors that will do the surgery. The first one is the main doctor that will take the mass out of my mouth and do the reconstruction and the other doctor is the one who will take a piece of bone in my leg to use for reconstruction. Its scary if I really think about it but I know Im gonna make it. I just pray to God that everything will be fine. I maybe in my worst condition after that but I know Im gonna be better. I guess thats all for now. See you when I see you.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Our 2nd year Anniversary

Two years of being married together is a wow for us. How amazing that two different person with two different race and culture was able to ride with the same boat for two years now. Not all people can be together for quite a long time nowadays. Some will last a year and some will only last for months. There are lot of reasons why but there's nothing you can do when the boat sink. Just hang on, save your life from loneliness and sadness then move on.

Two years, was it easy? I can say it was and still it is... we just love each other so much its unbelievable. We are best friends, buddies, and lovers, We are everything I guess. There's no day that we don't say "I love you so much" to each other. Sometimes we even make it like a contest of who can say it many times in a day but my hubby always win. Though he doesn't give me flowers or chocolates but he gives or does whatever he thinks that makes me happy. He always makes me feel special. There were times that I thought he doesn't care but he told me that he doesn't wanna show it because when he does I get so emotional. He had flaws before we met, made mistakes but he changed his life and started a new life with me. I accepted and loved him for who he is. He may not be perfect but nobody can ever give a love that he is giving to me. He loves me so much that he hates it because if ever he loose me he'd rather end his life too. Even I am 25 years younger than him we get along so good. Everyday its always me and my hubby, no friends, no family but now with a baby.

We call each other "baby" but when we joke around like we always do, we call each other "dirt bag", "barney", "lying sack", and along with saying "you've got balls." He always make fun of me like try to touch my ear because he knows I don't like my ear to be touched. So to get even, every time he brushes his teeth I tickle his butt or put him on video every time he poop. There are funny things that we always do just to be happy because for my hubby sadness has no place for us.

As his wife, I can say I'm not a perfect wife but for him I am. When we had our baby, even I don't have enough sleep taking care of our baby, I still get up so early just to make him breakfast when he needs to work in the morning. I am such a big baby but my hubby knows how to deal with it. I am the reason why my hubby likes to go fishing now. Before I came here he never go fishing. he never even have fishing poles and stuffs for fishing. I told him I wanted to go fishing so he bought me fishing pole but since I don't know how to cast he end up doing it. Now its one of his hobbies aside from surfing. I don't really have much to say about how I am to my hubby. All I know is he loves me so much that for him I am the air that he breathe. I am his life.

Its been two years now that our love for each other is getting stronger everyday. Though we didn't celebrate it with a candle light dinner with flowers or anything but it is a memorable 2nd year anniversary for us. Just being together and knowing that our love for each other is still there making us complete is enough. I don't know how to end this blog but I guess we are just both one of the luckiest people in the world to found a true love. A love that is unconditional. A love that is beyond what we expected.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Im confused!

I don't know what to do! Today we met the babysitter. We went to her place and look at her apartment. She had toys, baby chairs and bumbo seat and etc.. She explained to us how it will be with babysitting my baby and gave us paper works to fill out. We chitchat for awhile. After we agreed about getting her as a babysitter for our baby and also the rate so we left and went fishing. While we were in the car on the way to go fishing, she called me to tell me that shes gonna charge me $25 a day from February 25th till the 28th and then on the 1st of March she will start to charge us the $500 a month. It will cost us $600 a month instead of $500 a month that we both agreed. I mean c'mon, why cant she just make it one month from February 25th till March 25th that's still a month.

I called back and told her that we cant afford $25 a day for 4 days plus the $500 for a month. She wasn't able to answer her phone so I left a message and maybe after 20 minutes she called back but hang up the phone. I was wondering what was that so I called back again but then she didn't answer the phone. When we got home from fishing I called again and left a message. I didn't get a call from her so I decided to find another babysitter. I was able to find one that will charge us $400 a month. I was like omg its $100 cheaper than her. I called the other babysitter and I asked if we can meet tomorrow. And boom tomorrow at 11am we will meet her. But is the part that gave me a very big confusion. After I set up a meeting to the other babysitter, the first babysitter called me and told me that okay they will just charge us $500 a month. When I hang up the phone after talking to her I was like ooh what now...who I'm gonna choose? The first one or the second one? The 500 or the 400? We'll see...

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Old Age Sistah?

I'm dark, she's white. I'm 5 ft., she's....hmmm 4 ft?? I'm skinny, she's bulky. I'm introvert, she's extrovert. I'm married, she's single. I'm cancer, she's Pisces. I'm cute, she's beautiful...just kidding. I'm sexy, she's not...oops i mean to say hot! I'm good, she's...hmmm...she's the best. The best sister in my life.

Just celebrated her 27th birthday yesterday. I was able to greet her online. I almost forgot but there's never too late for her. Old age sistah?? Nah...she told me yesterday "I maybe old but i still look young." that for sure? hahahaha. She just learn to speak English yesterday. Duh! Age really matters huh. hehehe. Just kidding.

My sister is a strong person. Whenever we have a fight, she can hit me without thinking Ill be hurt. I always tease her "matutina" every time she gets mad at me of something I use or do. She has that "machine gun" mouth that will keep on going on and on and on. I'll just laugh and make fun of her. But sometimes I retaliate by saying mean things to her just to get even. Sometimes we get cuts and bruises whenever we fight but after awhile we kiss and make up.

I missed my sister. I know shes just a text away but I'm how many miles away from her. I cant even count. All I know is that, I'm here and shes there. I missed going out with her. Every time she has money and I don't, I always point this and that like a lil kid telling her mommy to buy this and buy that. Does she buy it? Not really, but if I insist she will hahahaha. I missed sleeping beside her too. I like to put my legs or my feet on her back. Does she like it? Heck no! But she sleeps so much she wont even know if i put my legs on her back again. I missed being with her. I missed our bonding moments together. I felt sad when she was the only one who organized the children's party in our street for the new year this year. Before, its usually the two of us.

Oh my sister, someday we can be together again. Someday I can make fun of you again. Someday we can bond again. Just wait. Someday... we'll talk about the old days, and I'll see you in your "young" age. Luv yah sistah!

Friday, February 19, 2010

I guess I missed Christmas

Its already February 2010 now but I still cant stop myself from singing Christmas songs. Instead of singing lullaby songs for my baby, I sing Christmas songs. Yeah, we had our Christmas tree and everywhere we go there were Christmas decorations in the streets, houses and buildings. I just looked and told myself that's a nice one wow but I just see them as a decorations. I didn't even feel the spirit of christmas here unlike in the Philippines. I get so excited when "BER" month comes beginning SeptemBER all the way to DecemBER. I together with my family in the Philippines help each other decorating our house with shining shimmering Christmas decorations. I always decorate our Christmas tree though it wasnt an expensive tree but people can recognize its indeed a Christmas tree. I always look forward going to an early morning mass we call it "Misa de Gallo or Simbang Gabi" which starts on December 16 and ends on December 24." Yup, nine days of waking up so early in the morning just to attend the mass and be able to complete it is like amazing. Not all people can do that. Not all people can stay awake hearing the mass. Whenever we are in the church I look at some people falling asleep or even sleeping while waiting for the mass to start. Its funny but true.

I wish I was in the Philippines last December maybe then I wouldn't be still singing Christmas songs now. Though I have my own family here and I had a very wonderful gift from God, my baby. I still wanting to feel Christmas.

What I am thinking, I have Christmas! As I'm typing this blog, it makes me realize that yes i did feel Christmas. Maybe not by attending mass, not having children Christmas party, not hearing children singing Christmas carols, and not being with my family but being with my hubby and having a wonderful baby. The Christmas that I thought I missed was just right here. Right here with me. Loving, caring and giving me so much happiness. Once started with two and then became three. Now I have Christmas with my own little Family.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

"I got your panties"

Oh my god! What a weird thing to say to a woman who is already married. I dont know why some people have the balls to try to ruin somebody's life.

Yesterday morning I got a call from a private number. I thought it was something important so I got up from bed and answered my phone. When I answered my phone a strange voice greeted me "Happy Valentines" so I asked "Who is this?" but I couldnt really understand what he was saying but he was saying something in a strange manner as if he was doing "something." My hubby woke up and was wondering who I was talking to at that time of the day. I told my hubby about it and gave him the phone so he can talk to the man. My hubby didnt say anything to the man but he just try to listen to the man on the phone. And the weird strange guy said "I got your panties" so my hubby said hello and the guy hang up. The weird strange guy kept on calling but every time my hubby answer the phone the guy hang up. I told my hubby that I am not cheating on him and my hubby said "shut up! I know you dont." I felt relieved after my hubby said that because not all men trust their wives so much that if the same thing happen to them maybe they will doubt their wives and sometimes it can ruin their relationship.

My hubby told me that if I get a call from a private number again he will answer it. He told me maybe the guy liked my voice and think it was cute so he kept on calling me because I got a call from a private number before around 2am and we think it was the same guy who called me yesterday. I never gave my number to anybody but maybe he got it from craigslist because when I sell something I put my number there. My hubby said "Too bad for him he will never hear your voice again". If the guy will keep on calling ang bugging me again we might change my number and maybe then I wont get any maniac caller like him.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

My two month old cutie baby Tyree!

Today, we went to his pedia for his two month check up and he got two shots (ouch!) and one oral vaccine. When he was one month old he was 9.2 pounds and now he is only 10.12 pounds...hmmm i dont know if ill be happy about it but just knowing that he is gaining and not loosing weight well thats something to be happy about already. His pedia said as long as he is growing then thats fine. I was just so concern about his weight because he only drink 24oz of milk a day and I was thinking maybe thats not enough and today I read online that a two month old baby should drink about 20 to 28 oz of formula so i guess he is fine. About his height not really particular about it because i know he will be taller than me thats for sure. The pedia prescribe tylenol drops for him in case he will have fever, thats why every now and then I keep checking his temperature. He was a bit fussy when we were in the store but now he is fine and sleeping while sucking his milk.

Time pass so fast its sickening, I just gave birth last December and now he is two months old. He is growing fast but we surely love every moments we have with him. He smiles a lot and "talk" so much now. My hubby is the one who really talk to him a lot and it makes me happy just watching my two babies having a good time. Sometimes when I wake up in the morning my two babies are sleeping close together and I just watch them so sweet and ahh it melts my heart hahahahaha. My hubby told me that before we had our baby people were telling him that when you have a baby it will be so hard because the baby will cry so much this and that but I guess we are just lucky because he never really gives as a hard time. He sleeps a lot and we never wake up in our sleep with a screaming cry. He is such a good boy. His head control is getting better everyday though i dont have a bumbo seat and not planning of buying one I make myself his bumbo seat hehehehehe. And oh one thing, I hate that 3 in 1 car seat so I told my hubby to buy an infant car seat. We bought yesterday for $60 in the store and it really makes a big difference. Today, when we went out I was able to be on my spot (front seat) and our baby was all alone in the back. He is already two months old so he is quite a big boy now.

Monday, February 15, 2010


Since the past few days ive been looking for a babysitter who can take care of my two month old cute baby boy because il be away for maybe a month and my hubby need to go to work so we really need a babysitter for our baby. Thankfully, yesterday night I was able to find one who will charge us $500 for a month unlike other people they will charge $12-$15 per hour...huh i got a good deal right there. We didnt meet the babysitter yet because shes not available during weekdays so hopefully on Sunday we can meet her to see if her place is a child friendly environment and I really wish that we will like her because I dont have so much time to look for another babysitter that will fit our budget. The nicest thing about it is that the babysitter just live near our place so my hubby wont drive for a long mile back and forth just to bring and get our baby. Hmmm...I am thinking about babysitting too but nah I dont like other kids...I love my own so screw that thinking thinker.

Im just wondering what other people feel when they need to go to work everyday or be away for days or month and leave their babies to a babysitter because just thinking about my baby being with the hands of somebody else breaks my heart already. Everytime I look at my baby while he's sleeping it makes me cry because I want to be with him always, be there when he cries and enjoy the moments of his laughter. But nope I cant, I need to be away I dont know how long but hope it will just surely be one month or less. Oh well, i guess i need to suffer being away from my baby...theres nothing i can do but just deal with it.

My first time

TimeThis will be my first blog ever in my life. Ive known about Blogging maybe last year but never really tried to do it because I didnt really have so much interest about doing it. But everytime I read my friend's blogs it always makes me think oh maybe i should try it why not...its fun i guess but i didnt really know what im gonna talk about coz theres nothing really happening in my life..thats what i was thinking but yeah theres a lot...i just dont wanna talk about it here because im a private person and i dont want everybody to know whats happening to my life. But people change so do I am blogging away hehehehehe...i hope i wont get tired of doing it. I dont really know if this will benefit me or not but I guess il just do it since almost every people are doing it already why not go with the trend.

Well, I hope I have lot of things to share and I can share it with no hesitation so goodluck to me and my blog. My first blog, my first time. cool...hehehehehe.