Friday, October 29, 2010

I love watching hockey

Guest post written by Cindy Mathers

Some people would be so rude as to call me a puck bunny, but I don't think that me loving to watch hockey and a lot of my exes being hockey players have any correlation besides I just like watching the sport and guys can respect a girl who can talk to them about the sport that they play. But I still get accused of it sometimes.

I was online the other day thinking about my hockey fantasy league when I came across teh web site and read through it.

I think that I ended up getting some other info though that I want to apply to my hockey fantasy team while I was online too. ItÕs also a little funny that some of my exes who play hockey are actually who I play in a pool for the hockey fantasy team. But they wouldnÕt like to admit that I actually win almost every single year. Yeah, IÕm that good. They would say that I know my hockey, but I donÕt think that they would as readily admit that I know it better than them.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Its Been Awhile

I'm back and updating my blog. Its been awhile since I last posted here in my blog because I got tired of doing this. Well, there is nothing really new things happening in my life but only my baby is growing fast. He is already ten months old now and he is getting so incredibly unstoppable. He knows what he wants and it seems like he doesn't act like a baby now. Its weird but yeah its true. He is also a great imitator. When me and my hubby is jamming in a song we hear from the radio. We snap our fingers and dance with the beat of the music and my baby does it too. Well, he cant really make any noise when he snaps his finger but the action of snapping his fingers is so funny for a ten month old to do. I guess some baby do that but I have never seen one yet. He doesn't really walk yet but he does walk every now and then. I set no boundaries for him anymore when I'm outside his play area. If I'm in the kitchen I let him go there because he cries when I leave him alone in his play area. He just play there in the kitchen standing, crawling, ruining things he loves it, opening and closing the drawers but I put a double stick tape on each drawer so he cant open it anymore. Smart me ah? hehehe.

About me and my hubby, we still love each other so much. We never fail to say it. We have arguments but we make up pretty fast. We work together every weekends. That's why we are busy every Saturday and Sunday. I'm doing fine and eating well too and whats nice thing bout everything is that my insurance was already extended a long time ago. But I'm not sure if they will pay for my medical bills. Its been maybe two months now or more but I haven't receive any bill anymore so I guess and hopeful my insurance paid my bills. I guess I gotta go I am just dropping by and see you next time.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Tag Me

My friend Toni Tralala tagged me about some questions that she wanted to ask. Its been quite awhile when she tagged me but I have never spent time posting because I got tired blogging for awhile. Since my baby is sleeping now and have the interest to do it so now I will answer the questions.

Here are the queries that she asked me:

1.)  If you had a chance to go back in time for 24 hours, where would you go and why?

Answer: I will go back in the Philippines to spent time with my family and dogs. Though I talked to them almost everyday on facebook but its still a different feeling talking to them personally. I have two dogs named Snoopy and Pushy and I missed them so much. In my desperation I sometimes ask my family for them to turn  on the mic of their pc so my dogs can hear me when I call thier name testing if they still recognize my voice. And I guess they still do.

2.) What material possession can you not live without?

Answer: I dont know what things I cant live without because as of now I am not really in need of anything so bad. Unlike when I was in the Philippines having no phone was like the worst that could happen to me especially when I was in my teenage years. That time I was so into having textmates and everytime my parents take my phone I really get so sad. Feel like I cant breathe anymore hehehe.

3.) What's your first thought in the morning and last thought at night?

Answer: The first and last is my baby. Everything about my baby. But when there is any appointment whether doctor appointment or anything before the day of the appointment that my first and last thought. Why? because sometimes I forget any appointments and is sick of waking up so early and preparing things around.

4.) If you were given the liberty and opportunity to pursue a new career, what line of work would you delve into?

Answer: Photography and Fashion Designer.

5.) If you were to win the lottery, how long would you wait to tell others?

Answer: I will only tell my family in the Philippines if I have the money already but I wont tell nobody aside from them. But of course my husband will definitely be the first one to know.

6.) What aspect of your personality is most peculiar to you?

Answer: I dont really know. I still dont know myself yet.

Last Question

Is there anything exciting about yourself that you would like to share?

Answer: Theres nothing really exciting about myself. I dont see myself exciting. I feel like Im a boring person to be with. Only Im a crazy mom for my baby. I can be a clown for my baby but other than that you might think of doing something else than hang around with me.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Blog Contest

I have never joined any blog contest before and this will be my first time. Its a pretty smart idea of gaining traffic and I really like it. Though I have read about blogging contest but never really join one, only now. My friend is celebrating her 2nd year anniversary of blogging and having a contest is her way of thanking her avid readers and visitors of her blog. Two years of blogging is not a joke. Maintaining and writing good information for the readers to keep coming back isn't easy that's why I admire her for that. Its easy to join the contest if you are interested and here is what you need to do.

•Blog about my 1st giveaway contest for Adiestree Blog's ( Enjoy Life To The Fullest ) 2nd anniversary.
•Follow my blogs : Our World, Enjoy Life To The Fullest and My Space
•Leave a comment on " 2nd Anniversary Giveaway Contest" saying that you are joining the contest.
•Add me to your blog.
•Click EC Drop.

The prizes are nice bags and wallets. The contest started yesterday September 10, 2010 and will end on October 5, 2010. The draw for the winner will be on October 8, 2010 and there will be 5 winners. I wish I will be one of those five winners. hehe. The good thing about this contest is its absolutely free. Yehey! So what are you waiting for? Join now and click here.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Just Tired

Just tired of writing. I'm a stay-home mom but I don't really stay at home the whole day. My hubby loves to go out. He gets bored and tired being at home and I am the opposite. I don't mind going out but to go out everyday is really tiring for me. We go out either from 8:30am till afternoon because he needs to go to work at 4pm and when I'm home alone with our baby all I do is take care of our baby. When my baby is asleep that's when the time I can clean our house or do things in the house. But sometimes I just get so tired that all I do is rest and just talk to my family in the Philippines. After that I still need to clean the house. I do want to work online but when my mind and body is exhausted I couldn't think well. Every night I don't get enough sleep from waking up when my baby cries. I wish I can get enough sleep. Just wishing.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Driver's Manual

Today, my hubby bought me a driver's manual so I can study the rules and regulations of driving a car. Recently, I have been telling my hubby to teach me how to drive already so I will know how. I thought I would choose not to know how to drive yet but then I realized if i won't learn now then when will I learn. My hubby drives a bit crazy and I told him that maybe I'll be driving like an old person or worst than that. I even told him that if I learn how to drive I don't want him to be my passenger because he is very impatient when it comes to traffic.

We go out almost everyday so I've seen how people drive here. Most people here doesn't really abide to the rules of traffic or maybe they just don't care about getting a ticket and other cars. Hubby doesn't like how women drive here. He always gets irritated when he gets behind a slow or dumb woman driver. I am not sure why women here drives like that. Maybe they just want to really make sure they are driving right or just being so ignorant of the traffic rules. But for me, either men or women is pretty much the same. I just hope that I will be a good driver.

Selling the Old and Getting New

Thanks to Darwin Barton

I decided it was time to get a new vehicle since my family was expanding. I didn't have the money to just go out and buy a car and I knew that if I traded my car in I wouldn't be able to get a good price for it. I searched on which is Kelly Blue Book. This website gives you the value of your vehicle when you put in the condition of it. This will give you a good idea of how much you should be getting when you trade your vehicle in or sell it privately.

I decided to use the amount that they gave me and list my car using my hughesnet internet. I put it on many websites, including This is a free website that allows you to list just about everything that you want to sell. It is one quick and free way to list your vehicle online.

After only listing my car for a few days I got many different offers. I found someone to buy my car off of me for almost a thousand more of what it was actually worth after I switched from hughesnet to dial up. This was a great investment for my new vehicle. As soon as I sold the car I started searching for a new one. I contacted the nearest Honda dealership and put a down payment on my new Honda Accord.

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Domain Name

Last night I decided to buy a domain name. A domain name is an identification label that defines a realm of administrative autonomy, authority, or control on the Internet, based on the Domain Name System. An important purpose of domain names is to provide easily recognizable and memorizable names to numerically addressed Internet resources. (Wikipedia) I wanted to customized my blog name already that's why I bought it. Since my blog address was under blogger, now it is and still its under blogger but its my own now. I bought a domain name on Google since its only $10.00 for one year and powered by

I know it is not necessary to have a domain name but its still nice to have your own website without a after it. Enjoy!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Just Another Sad Day

I just feel sad today. Its something that I don't really want to talk about but I guess I am now. I just wish that everything will be okay. I remember when I had a big mass in my face I was loosing hope of finding a doctor to operate me. Then God helped us and was able to find one. I had a big mass in my face for over two years and had a major surgery just to get it and reconstruct my face. Remembering that days, I cant realize how my life was already in danger at that time. The mass was spreading almost to my brain and if we weren't able to find a doctor maybe by now I already died from it.

Today, I realize having medical bills of almost $16,000 I guess worth it for my life to be saved. The bad thing is just we don't have money to pay for that amount. That's why I'm sad because there's nothing I can do about it right now but to wait for the extension of my insurance to get approve and hope it will or else we will be in debt for quite a long time. I am so thankful to the two doctors but in my mind there is this thought that's bothering me. March 28th, my insurance expired and March 25th was my first operation. The second operation was March 31th, if only they would have done it before March 28, I wouldn't have this problem. This is whats bothering me and I know its not their fault. Its just my responsibility to just pay it if I wont get approve.

I wont say life sucks because I know it doesn't. There's just this challenges that people need to learn to face. I can say its another big challenge for me again and I know God is with me. He never gives us challenges that we cant surpass. I am in tears now but I know it wont be forever. I just need to think positive and keep in mind that God is always there to guide, help and love us in every situation we are in. God bless everyone.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

My Favorite TV Snack

Guest post from: Fredrick Watkins

My favorite TV snack is definitely popcorn, who doesn't love it? It comes in all different flavors and brands, everyone in my house has their favorites. I can never get bored with popcorn either, if I don't want the regular old butter flavor, I can just buy a box of kettle-cooked. Plus, it is very easy to make and inexpensive. All i have to do to have a freshly-popped bowl of popcorn is put in in the microwave for a few minutes then my family and I can enjoy it.

For as long as I can remember popcorn has been my favorite TV snack. When I was little, me and my family used to have a family "movie night" and I always was the one to put the popcorn in the microwave. We always had to make more than one bag of popcorn because as soon as you put in out, it was gone. Even after everyone was too old for family "movie night" in my family, I would still sit and watch one of the cable tv specials with my bag of popcorn.

Popcorn is also so easy to buy anywhere. In movie theaters it is sold by the bowl, grocery stores of course sell a wide selection of it, and even drug stores sell microwave popcorn. Whether you live in New York City or out in Kansas you can find any package store, or movie rental shop that sells popcorn.

How to Remove Navbar

A navbar is a navigation logo at the top of your blog. When I started blogging I wanted my blog to look good. I was checking and learning things. One of the things I noticed was the navbar. I didn't like it because it doesn't match some templates. If you don't like to have a navbar on your blog this how you can remove it.

Go to Layout or Design. Click Edit HTML and search for /* Variable definitions.

Above  /* Variable definitions, paste this:

#navbar-iframe {
display: none !important;
View your blog and navbar removed. So easy to do.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Fave Disney Shows

Hubby and I like Disney Channel. It has some good shows that we like so much. I never thought that hubby will like "kiddie" shows because he is already 51 years old. I thought at his age he would choose to watch shows that adult usually watch but I guess I was wrong. When I was in the Philippines I never really like to watch Disney. Its not that I didn't like it but I just cant relate to what their talking about. When I got here, then I was able to like it because somebody can tell me whats happening if I couldn't understand the situations and that's my dearest hubby.

These are the shows that we like to watch on Disney Channel:

This is a show about a twin living in a ship.
This is a show about a family with wizard magical abilities.
This is a show about family with their baby named Charlie.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Fun Farm Fair 2010

We had a fun time at the farm fair today. We went there around 9 am and a lot of people were there already. As usual parking was a bit hard to find because the farm fair was in the Bishop Museum and only valet parking was allowed in their parking lot. People needed to find parking anywhere in the streets near the farm fair but luckily we found a spot that wasn't that far from the fair.

When we got there, there was a long line of people standing to pay the gate pass to the farm fair. While we were in line there was this man who gave us two wristband for the fair and it was free. We couldn't believe it because not all people were given a wristband. The man gave my hubby two wristband, one for adult and one for child. I told my hubby that the other wristband is for a child because the man thought I'm a child. Hubby asked the man for an adult wristband but nothing was left already. I had no choice but to wear the child wristband. I felt quite nervous while entering the gate because they might stop and ask me but they never did.

I enjoyed it so much because I got quite a bit giveaways. These are the things I got from the farm fair. When it comes to free things I don't get ashamed to keep on coming back to get some more unless I don't like the person giving it.

Our baby enjoyed the farm fair too. He was able to see some animals there. When we got to the little petting zoo, I saw a dog. I was thinking why there's a dog in here but I guess he is part of their farm life. My hubby didn't let our baby touch the dog because little Poopie doesn't know how to pet yet hence he knows how to grab. Hubby, me and Poopie enjoyed at the farm fair. Looking forward for the next one.

Monday, July 12, 2010

A Car to Remember

I saw this commercial of Toyota on TV. Its about this lady who was starting a pastry business but didn't have a car to deliver the pastries to her customers. Her good friends then surprised her. They gave her a nice car and she was so happy about it. It reminded me of my friend in LA. Ive known her from a website and we became good friends. We always chat online about our life here in USA and anything under the sun. She is a nice friend and good listener too.

One day, I got a call from her. She usually doesn't call me that's why I was wondering whats happening to her. Then she told me that her hubby bought a Honda Civic car for her. She was so happy and wished that she can drive her car all the way to Hawaii but I know its way impossible to do. The car was a used car but still a car is a car for her. I was happy and excited for her too. She was still learning how to drive at that time and didn't have a driver's license yet. Her husband taught her how to drive and eventually she learned how to drive better.

As she was driving going to the park, her car stopped running. She was driving on the left side of the lane when the car stopped. She felt panic because the traffic was building up and she didn't know what to do. She called her husband and her husband called the towing company to tow her car to Los Angeles auto repair shop. Little did she know that her car had a blown head gasket which led to a major damage. She felt so sad and disappointed about it. The cost to fix her car was almost the same price of the car. She didn't have a choice but to just forget fixing her car. Though it was a car that was so precious to her but for her things come and go. If one goes a better one comes.

Kate Plus 8

This was written by guest blogger Mark Kale

As a woman growing up with a single mother, I can see firsthand how hard it is for women to make it in this world. I love the show Kate Plus 8 because it depicts the true story of a mother just trying to provide for her kids without the assistance of a man. I love watching this show every chance I get on the channels I get through the cable tv deals around Dallas.

"Kate Plus 8" offers a truly poignant look into the life of Kate Gosselin. She is a woman that has had to deal with a cheating husband, all while having 8 kids. It is very inspiring to see how Kate deals with such a tough situation in front of millions of people. I know some people claim that she uses her kids for fame or making money, but I don't think it is like that. I think Kate's intentions are to provide a future for her kids and make sure they are always provided for. According to her ratings, I would think that many other women in the world think Kate's intentions are also to provide for her children rather than use them for her own fame or gain in life.

Kate Gosselin is a wonderful woman with a huge heart. Can you imagine raising 8 kids by yourself without the help of a spouse? I sure can not imagine that!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

4th of July 2010

We had a nice time watching the fireworks on the night of 4th of July. My baby had his first 4th of July fireworks too. He fell asleep waiting for the fireworks but when the fireworks started, hubby woke him up.

Here is the video of the grand finale of the 4th of July fireworks.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Guest blog post by Ryan Norton

As a music lover, I am in love with MTV. This is by far my favorite channel to watch on hd cable tv. MTV always depicts the hottest artists with their newest albums and singles. To catch up on the music scene, MTV is the way to go.

One of my favorite shows to watch on MTV is the MTV Music Awards. There is always something unexpected that happens at the MTV Music Awards. For example, remember the time Britney Spears gave a performance wearing an outfit that only consisted of rhinestones? Or, how about the time Madonna performed her single "Like a Virgin" in a lacy wedding dress? I love the MTV Music Awards for the outlandish activities that are always happening during this ceremony. In addition, I love catching up on the music videos from my favorite artists. Some of my favorite artists are Lady Gaga, Jennifer Lopez, Britney Spears, and Beyonce. Whenever Beyonce's video for "Single Ladies" appears on television, I can't help but start dancing to the video!

MTV has transformed the world of music. It has taken television to another level, in the way that it has made television a platform for the latest musical artists, bands, and singers. I think there are many singers that are grateful to MTV for helping them to make their way in a very competitive field.

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Fringe Season 1 Finale, Wowza!

Guest post written by Ryan Wellington

So I caught the finale of Fringe! As you know I'm a huge Sci Fi geek. I couldn't believe the type of things they were putting on this show to begin with, and with Walter, and Peter-- Them and the complete and utter insanity. I love Walter. He's probably one of the quirkiest characters I've ever had the pleasure of watching. And Olivia is someone I've related to from the get go. Anyways, back to the finale! I caught the end with the bald man taking Walter with him, and being all odd and cryptic. And then finding out Peter is from the other side..!? I was shocked! I was watching on my new Satellite TV that I just purchased after seeing several satellite tv deals around town, which by the way- thanks to that I actually took the time to get a DVR again. I've been without for years. I was beginning to feel like I was back in the Stone Age! Haha! If you haven't checked Fringe out, go rent it or something! Best show on TV anymore! And be sure to pay attention to Walter. Some of the things he says might not click right away, but I'm pretty sure we are all a bit of "Walters" at some time. Plus the back and forth with him and Peter is hilarious. Go!

Playpen/Crib for Poopie

Last night, when hubby got home from work I told him that I wanna have a crib for our baby. Every time my hubby go to work and I start to clean the our apartment while our baby is sleeping, I always need to glance every now and then to our baby on the bed to make sure he wont wake up and crawl on the corner of the bed. Many times had happened that I needed to run just to get him from the corner of the bed. Before, when he isn't crawling yet there was never a problem like that. Surround him with pillow and he is fine but now even a pillow can't stop him from crawling to the corner of the bed.

Instead of a crib, we got a playpen because its cheap and as an alternative for a wooden crib. We opted not to buy a wooden crib so our baby won't get hurt. Everything that we buy for our baby whether its a toy or things for babies, we always think first of things that could hurt him in anyways. We love our baby so much and him not to get hurt is our first priority. I will only let my baby sleep in the playpen when hubby is at work and I'm doing something but he will still sleep with us on the bed. Still can't let him sleep alone. If possible we really want to be with our baby all the time. Sleeping alone at his age isn't really a good idea for me. Maybe in the right time he can sleep alone but for now we still enjoy hugging him and kissing him while he is sleeping.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

For Women Living Alone in Apartments

Guest blog post by Amy Sheehan

With high crime ratesthese days, it is important that all women living alone are taking the necessary steps to make their living space safe. I live in an apartment building that's not in the slums, but it can be a little scary after dark. As a recent college graduate, this is all I can afford. Since I live alone, I can sometimes get scared being home by myself. I decided that I had to do something for my own safety. I first talked to may landlord, and with his approval I had an all home security system installed. My next step was to have locks placed on my windows. After these two things, I would be alarmed if someone trespassed, and I prevented intruders from using my windows as an entrance into my apartment. Lastly, you should ask for the locks to be changed on your doors. Some landlords may be to lazy to do so, and you don't want the people who lived there previously to have an easy entrance into your place. I feel so much more comfortable since I have done these things to my living space.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Online Photo Fun

Guest post from Lois Fleck.

I have always loved managing my photos but I never realized just how fun it could be until I tried online photo management. Managing your photos online is so much better than arranging physical photos. With online photo management you can crop and edit photos, add effects and frames and even overlay text in real-time.

I can create online albums and slide shows with the click of a button. Uploading photos is fast and easy over my satellite internet. I can arrange and customize my photos and then place them on my favorite social networking sites such as Facebook and MySpace. I never even realized it but social networking sites have built-in photo management. I love to arrange my photos into albums such as "Family" and "Friends" and post them on Flickr for the world to see. I always have my own story and there is no better way to tell it than with photos.

I post my photos on Facebook and tag all my friends and family in the photos. Facebook automatically links their images and names from the photo directly to their Facebook accounts. Image that, social photo networking. It's always fun to see my friends upload photos from the past and tag me in them. Online photo management with hughs netsatellite internet is one of the best inventions since color photos! Not only is it fun but it's incredibly functional.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Miracle! He called!

Its been two days now that I have been bugging the guy who bought my hubby's moped. I tried to find his last name online by typing his number to a website and paid a dollar. I was able to know his last name and address but the address was a PO box which is not really his residential address that gave us less hope of finding the guy.  After finding some information about the guy and seeing my hubby get frustrated thinking about it, I decided to just bug him by calling his phone nonstop and making his voice mail full from any sounds that I can record to his voice mail.

It was fun doing that to the guy who fooled us and hubby didn't mind me doing that to the guy. I started doing it yesterday and continued doing it today. I kept on calling him today and making his voice mail full. The guy kept on turning his phone off or erasing his voice mails. My gosh I know it drove him nuts. I thought I'll be doing it forever because we were expecting that he will never answer his phone and he will never have any plans on paying us. All we wanted is for him to call us back or even answer our call but he never did.

When we got home, I still kept on bugging him but I stopped because I was reading my emails. Then my hubby's phone rang and it was the guy. My hubby answered it and the guy promised to pay us on Saturday and give us meat, groceries and whatever he has. It was a bit strange because the guy didn't even sound like he was pissed off from me calling him so much. Another thing is, why he never answered our call when we kept on calling him. Its really strange that's why me and my hubby needs to be a bit vigilant about this guy on Saturday just like he promised. Good luck to us.

Baby is Six Month Old Now

Earlier today my baby had his 6th month check up to his pedia. He weighed 15 lbs now. I'm happy that he gained weight now because when he had his check up last month he didn't gain weight which made me wonder why he didn't gain weight. He was 13 lbs last month when he was 5 months old. The same weight when he was 4 months old. I felt sad last month about his weight and asked the pedia if maybe she can give any vitamins for him but the pedia said to wait when he gets 6 months old. Now that my baby is 6 months old, his pedia prescribe a vitamins with fluoride for our baby.

He also had his shots today. Three shots and one oral vaccine. As usual, I didn't give him any pain medication nor did hot compress to his legs. Giving any medicine to my baby is my last remedy. He cried when the nurse gave the shots but not for a long time but he was knocked out when we were on the way to the store after a trip to his pedia. As of now, he doesn't have fever which I'm happy about.

His next check up will be on September when he gets 9 months old. I just wish that he will be a healthy baby just like now. He likes to give his charming smile to people which before he never do. He likes to laugh and smile when he sees himself in the mirror. He is just so adorably cute that everyday me and my hubby enjoy. We love him so much and hope he will be a good boy when he grow up.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Not this neighborhood

Guest post written by my friend Jenny Smart.

I do have to say that I live in a pretty safe neighborhood, KNOCK ON WOOD. We have a great team here and I am proud. We have a neighborhood watch which makes me feel pretty safe. If the kids go out to play, there is always a parent outside watching to make sure that everything is safe. Luckily, we haven't had any problems. There are a few dogs in the neighborhood, but I don't think any of them would attack someone if they were trying to do something bad, these dogs have a mean bark, but they will just lick you to death!

A lot of the houses here do have alarm systems, well I think they do because of the signs that are in the yard...Who knew there would be so many companies for home security systems? At least the burglars know who not to mess with!

So far I haven't saw anything in our neighborhood that looks like a prison. No bars on the windows and doors, I think that would scare me just looking at the house! If you want great security too, then click here.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Can't Trust Nobody

Its been awhile since I last posted here. I am getting forgetful already but can't forget my no. I just didn't have time to post here. Anyway, its been almost three weeks now since my hubby sold his moped. He sold it because he wanted to buy a new and smaller moped. He was getting tired of having a big moped plus the parking was quite a hassle. When I first posted it in Craigslist, a guy from Molokai, another island here in Hawaii, checked out my hubby's moped and wanted to buy it. He offered $1400 but hubby refused because we are selling it for $1600 and we wanted to go down $100 less and not $200. So I kept posting in Craigslist till another man called and wanted it so bad. What a coincident, the guy is from Molokai too but wasn't the same guy that we met before.

We were in the parking garage of our building when the guy test drive the moped. I was surprised when he went out the parking lot and drove the moped around the block. Though the guy left his moped to us but I felt so worried when it took him a long time to get back to the parking lot. I was about t call the police already that time when I saw him coming. The guy loved it and bought it. He was a nice guy, a convincing one, that made my hubby trust him. That time we were selling it for $1400 already and hubby went down a $100 less that made it $1300. The guy gave us $1000 first and promised us that he will pay the $300 in three days. Three days has passed and no call from him so hubby decided to call him and the guy said the next Friday. Friday came and no $300 came. Hubby doesn't want to call anymore because he isn't the type who bug people. I decided to call the guy and he answered. He sounded to nice that all I said was okay okay. He had his reasons so we thought maybe he just didn't have the money yet though he promised again this week. This week will be over by tomorrow and no $300 came yet.

I don't know about this guy anymore. Hubby was asking me before why its hard for me to trust somebody. I told him because in the Philippines I am used to people who can't be trusted. People who can deceive you by their own ways just to fool others. He told me its not like that here in Hawaii, its different here. Well, I guess as for the time being it is the same now. I guess, I'll start bugging that guy now. Hubby trusted him so much that he didn't get the guy's name or address. We can only get hold of that guy by phone or if we will look online for his name and address by typing his number. Maybe we will do that if me bugging the guy won't work out. Good luck to us. As for the $300...hmm...see ya when I see ya.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Lantern Floating in Hawaii

Lantern Floating is a biggest event every year on Memorial Day here in Hawaii. It is an Asian spiritual tradition to honor and remember your departed love ones. It also a way to wish for peaceful and harmonious future. Last year, I was able to witnessed the memorable event and dedicated the lantern for my grandfather and my hubby's mother who are now in heaven. It is heartwarming to see candle-lit lanterns with all the wishes and prayers floating out to sea.

Tomorrow at Ala Moana Beach Park, Lantern floating will be held at 6:30pm. I am sad that I wont be able to be there. Hubby will be working and if ever he will ask for a day off I wouldn't want to go still because it will be so traffic and parking will be so hard to find. I'd rather stay home and watch it on TV than go there with our baby.

Here is the video to give you an overview about how the Lantern Floating is done:

Monday, May 24, 2010

Car for Less

Car is a necessity. It is hard to go somewhere if you don't have one. When I was in the Philippines I never had a hard time going somewhere I wanna go. Why? because there's lot of jeepneys, tricycles, pedicab, and etc. Whatever means of transportation they can discover just to bring people to their destination. Here in the US, if you don't have a car, your screwed. Its either wait for the bus or walk to work.

When I got here, we didn't have a car. Hubby was alone for how many years so he decided to just get a moped, no insurance and easy parking to work. Every time we go somewhere its either we ride a bus or rent a car. It was fun for awhile though but when we were already expecting a baby we decided to have a car. We didn't plan to have a car. One day, we got this letter from a car company about some good deals of cars and they are giving away Toyota Corolla if you win the draw. We knew the draw was just for promotion but we still went to check out cars.

A salesman welcomed us when we got there. Well, so much for the draw but all he did was convince us to get a car. He showed us the cars parked in their parking lot. Some were brand new cars and some were not. Hubby saw a black car and asked about it to the salesman but the salesman said that theres a slight problem with the water pump and will have it fix yet. He said that in the mainland they have their cars fixed in Chicago auto repair but since they were selling cars here in Hawaii they still need to find good auto repair shop. Hubby didn't have a choice but to choose another car and guess what he found the car that he wanted to have. Since then, we go anywhere we want so easy and so convenient.


Things come and go. There is no such thing that is permanent in this world. But some people want  things to be there till they are breathing and alive. Things that brings memories or things that they think its worth keeping for. Some people think its trash but for them its treasures. Its start from one thing until it gets to the point that it will buried them alive. They collect and collect but never select. They are normal people outside but they are hoarders inside.

I have never heard of the word "hoarder" when I was in the Philippines. I may not know some words but I guess I just never encountered or seen a hoarder when I was there. I learned about it when I got here. I saw on TV about it. They show people's houses with so much stuff in it whether its rotting food, animals, animal's feces, things, etc. Keeping and stocking things make their houses so horrible till they only have a small space for them to be alive. Sometimes they need to vacate the house because its filled up with so much things. Things that makes them feel secure and happy.

I thought I will only see on TV about people who are hoarders but one day hubby thought of introducing me to his friend. So we went to their house and made a surprise visit. His friend came out and hubby introduced me to her. When we went inside their house I was greeted by her mother. They were nice people and happy for us. As hubby and her friend were talking I couldn't help myself from looking around the house. I was telling myself how they can live there and not clean it. Hubby showed me her friend's doll collection and her friend said there's more in her room. In my surprised, I saw a room full of things. I didn't want to get inside but for respect I went inside and pretended there's nothing there but some doll collections. I judged her but when I learned about hoarders I felt sorry for her and for people who have that issues.

According to wikipedia, compulsive hoarding (or pathological hoarding or disposophobia) is the excessive acquisition of possessions (and failure to use or discard them), even if the items are worthless, hazardous, or unsanitary. Compulsive hoarding impairs mobility and interferes with basic activities, including cooking, cleaning, showering, and sleeping. A person who engages in compulsive hoarding is commonly said to be a "pack rat," in reference to that animal's characteristic hoarding.

Here are some pictures of hoarders' houses:


Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Shoes Again??

My hubby's work require a lot of walking almost all the time. He is always on his feet especially when its very busy at work. Sometimes when he gets home from work he complains about the shoes he's wearing. That's why every time we go to the store he always go to the shoes section to look for shoes that will be comfortable to use for work. I already loose count of how many shoes he got. We even threw some of them when we were cleaning up our apartment.

Yesterday, when we went to the mall he found this Osiris shoes. I am like a shopper who look at the price first before the item. I looked at the price and told him not to buy it because it was expensive. When we got home I look online for Osiris shoes and found a website that is selling it cheaper than the store here. Didn't think twice and hubby bought it. I am not working yet as for the time being but if I will start working I also want to have Osiris shoes just like my hubby.

A Baby's Laugh

A baby's smile is wonderful but a baby's laugh is priceless. Today I was able to film my baby laughing. I really find it so cool that I can easily make him giggle or laugh now. Seeing him laughing makes us laugh too. What a cute funny baby we got here. Aren't we lucky to have him? Yes, we are indeed.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Spoiled Brat Me

We went to the thrift store today to look for furnitures. Since the day we learned about the thrift store selling some good furnitures in a very affordable price, we always go there now to check some new stuff they have. When we got there at the store my hubby said to just leave the baby in the car since the car is parked just right infront of the store. I didnt like the idea so I told him that I'll carry the baby carrier with our baby in it. Our baby was sleeping thats why I didnt take him front the car seat. We didnt bring the stroller because it will take space in the car which there will be no space for the furniture that we will buy.

Our baby is getting heavy so I had a hard time carrying him around the store. When I learned that they are having a 50% discount on some selected items, I asked my hubby if he can watch the baby for awhile so I can look around to some other stuffs aside from looking at the furnitures. But my hubby refused to watch him. I kept on asking him but still he kept refusing it. So I went out and stayed in the car with our baby feeling a little bit dissappointed but trying to calm myself. When my hubby went out along with the stuff he bought he asked me if I want something then I replied, nothing. He asked me if I want something to eat then I kept on saying, I'm not hungry. As we were driving, hubby kept on teasing and tickling me because I told him I am dissappointed to him. I started crying because I was getting so dissappointed thinking about it like I'm a 7 year old girl. My hubby got a bit dissappointed of the way I'm acting so he made a U turn. I knew we were going back to the store but I tried not to laugh then he said you spoiled brat and I laughed. Before we went back to the store, we bought something to eat first. Though I didnt buy anything, just looking things in the store made my day.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's Day

5 Months in 5 Days

Today, we went to the pool again. Thankfully I didnt get lazy to charge my digicam so I was able to film our baby swimming in the pool with his floatie. He will be 5 months in 5 days and he is getting stronger everyday.

After his done swimming he got tired and fell asleep. It was a work out for his leg muscles but he enjoyed it. When we got home he showed his ability that really amazed me. He has been doing this just recently and I can't wait for the day to come that he will learn to crawl. He was getting crabby again in this video because he was tired from the pool and all he wanted was to sleep.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Swimming Time

Today hubby and I decided to go to the pool again so our baby can try his new swim suit that we bought last week. We didnt go anywhere and didnt want to go somewhere so we end up going to the pool. It was sunny earlier after two days of raining but now its getting cloudy. I think its gonna rain again later tonight. The pool was cold but my baby still enjoyed it. Too bad I didnt charge my digicam I would have taken video of him "swimming." I guess I'll be the only one in the family who wont know how to swim coz I know my baby will easily know how to swim as he was kicking so much and moving his arms as if he knew what to do already. Everytime the water gets inside his mouth he spits it out. I didnt really see him doing that because I was holding him making him swim and it was my hubby who saw him doing that.

It was his second time in the pool today. Though it was so sunny and windy, hubby and I enjoyed swimming with our baby. Here is the picture of our baby wearing his swim suit. He wasnt sleeping there. The sun was just too bright. His swim suit has surfboards design. My hubby liked it coz he likes surfing. Our baby wasnt wearing any diaper too. We just made him wear only that suit.

He was enjoying it but we didnt really stayed in the water for a long time. He was starting to get cold because it was too windy. Pretty soon we wont be dealing with the pool thats so windy all the time. hehehehe.

Sunday, April 25, 2010


My hubby is a good driver. He has been driving car since he was 16 years old. He obeys traffic rules and he knows when to break it when needed. We always go out and most of the time we drive on the freeway to avoid traffic. Its quite scary to be on the freeway because sometimes there are tensions between drivers in the way they drive especially when they are in a hurry. When it comes to driving, my hubby can sometimes be impatient and doesn't want to be behind slow drivers. But when it comes to safety, he is good in keeping that.

I never really had the feeling of being scared driving on the freeway until one time when a driver was tailgating us so close even my hubby was driving 60 miles per hour already. He suddenly "tap" the break to tell the driver to back off. I was so shocked, good thing I had my seat belt on. The driver who was a girl went beside us and said something which made my hubby madder. So my hubby was swearing to her so much while driving. The girl shut up and tried not to look at us anymore.

I thought it wont happen again but I was wrong. Recently, when we were driving on the freeway somebody was tailgating us my hubby did the same thing. He was swearing to the driver again who happened to be a military. But my hubby didn't care, instead he wrote down the plate number of the driver's car so he can report the military. My hubby's moves of "tapping" the break when somebody is tailgating him is very dangerous but he will still do it because for him distance is important when driving.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

No Time

Im just dropping by here, its funny. I am loosing this already. I can't find time to blog. but anyway last sunday we went to a Kam Swap Meet. Well, we didnt really know about it, we just saw it while we were driving around. My hubby thought its not there anymore so we always go to the other swap meet. When we were looking for spot to park, I was looking around inside the swap meet. I was tripping out because its different from the other swap meet that we always go. In the other swap meet most who go and buy there are tourists but in Kam Swap meet were local people. So we went inside and I was so happy when I saw that 95% of people that was in there were Filipinos. The vendors too were Filipinos. It was so cool to see some Philippine items and goods that they were selling plus with a loud music "Dayang dayang" hahahahaha. Even my hubby was tripping out. He told me that it felt like he was in the Philipines. But it was too bad because we got there 15 minutes before they close. They are open every Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday from 6am till 12 noon. Some booth was still open so we were able to look around and buy some stuffs. And believe or not I saw my favorite slippers, Islanders. My hubby didnt think twice and bought it for me because he knows that I like it so much. We were looking for that anywhere here before when my islander slippers worn out and we didnt find one. I was so sad that time because I dont like any other slippers. Im too picky when it comes to slippers.

We looked around the swap meet and then I saw a booth selling some used toys. Oh boy! Then I saw this hanna montana piano, Im not a fan of her but I just like a piano. I told my hubby to buy it. At first he told me not to because our baby has a piano already. But I insisted. It was $10 but I asked if they can give it to me for $8 and they did. When I got the piano, my hubby told me that our baby will like it and so I said no its not for our baby but its for me. My hubby laughed thinking I was joking but I told him that I wasnt kidding but its mine. My hubby told me "oh c'mon just share it to him then." hahahahaha. Well, I got my piano and thats what kept me busy. I dont know how to play piano but I know some simple songs that I can play. Its funny because since I got the piano, everytime my hubby arrives from work I always make him guess the music Im playing and he always try not to answer because its so simple that if he answer it, it will make him look stupid. I always insist so he can't do anything but answer and guess what Im playing. The songs were London Bridge is Falling Down and Silent Night.

I remember when I was young, me and my mother went to town and bought things. I saw a piano and kept on asking my mother to buy it but she didnt. When we got home I cried so my mother went back to town alone and bought the piano for me. hehehehehe. I like playing "Amazing Grace" which my father hates. Its kinda like a funeral song thats why. I dont wanna have a real piano. I just want to be happy with some simple things. Things that I know wont last to me. Atleast Im happy and I can be happy.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Letting Go

When you love somebody so much, you always want to be with that person. You always want to let that person feel that you care for them. That no matter what happens your always be there for them. But what if you have given the best of you but its not enough to satisfy them. You are doing almost possible things that you can do just to make them happy but they're never happy. Your drain dead but they're still asking for more. You can't even hold them. Can't even feel them.

All a mother wants is for their baby to be nice and happy. I guess not just the mother but as well as the father. When I gave birth, I saw an angel in my hubby's arms. An angel that has been good and never gave us any problems us as new parents. An angel that I thought will always be the same but then I was wrong. Our lil angel baby is still much the same but there is one thing that he has been doing recently. He has been screaming till the top of his lungs whenever he likes to. Happy or sad he screams. Tell him to be quiet but he will answer back with a scream. We can't win but listen to his screams.

Lastnight,  I decided to do the chores even he is not yet asleep. Before, I wait till he sleeps but I always run out of time. Sometimes my hubby arrives from work and Im still doing something which I hate. Of course, as a wife I want to cater his needs too. While I was doing some chores, my baby was starting to get crabby because he was getting tired already. I did whatever I can just to make him sleep but not enough for him. He doesnt cry though but he screams. A language of his that I can't understand. I did everything but nothing worked so I just decided to let him go coz Im done. I continued the chores while trying to calm myself from the dissappointment I felt of not being able to make him happy. Hearing him screaming was like a failure to me as his mother.

He was on his tummy...screaming, complaining and moving so much just to get attention. I just looked at him wishing he will stop. Trying to convince myself that he will get tired of what he was doing. Suddenly, he stopped and fell asleep. I looked at his face to make sure his asleep and it made me laughed. My adorable baby sleeping on his tummy feeling contented and happy. The baby with a cute lil face that i love so dearly. The cute lil face that once was an angel is now a big boy. A big boy that doesnt know everything yet but knows when to tell me by his loud lil screams..."mommy, I've had enough so please let me go."

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

He is Four Months Now

Today, my baby turned four months. He had his "four month initiation" just like when a person join a fraternity...hehehehehe. He had his monthly check up today and he got two vaccines and one oral vaccine. He cried as usual but he stopped immediately after my hubby picked him up. He is 13.9 pounds which is not really that much but he is almost 27 inches now. I guess he will be a tall guy just like his daddy. Same with the shots he got when he was two months old, I didnt give him any pain medication today unless he will have fever which he doesnt have for the time being. I will just keep on checking his temperature every now and then just like I always do everytime he get his shots. Thankfully, he isnt crabby now but I dont know later...we'll see.

Everytime we lookk at our baby we always see a big boy and not a baby. But he is a screaming baby though. We dont know why he scream but he loves it. Its different from crying. Its his way of talking I guess or when he gets excited he does that which we find it weird. After his monthly check up, we went fishing. My hubby sat our baby on his lap and showed the birds just so close to them eating the food I gave them. Our baby was looking at the birds so much. I was expecting him to cry or get scared but he didnt which is good but theres one thing that scares him so much...the sound of the freaking loud vaccum. Thats why I dont vaccum the floor that much now coz he cries especially when he is sound asleep. hehehehehe.

Next month, another monthly check up. I dont really get excited about it. Why? coz we always wait for a long time in his pedia's clinic. Sometimes, when we get there his pedia isnt there yet. It always a waiting game there unlike my OB, shes always on time but his pedia is nice and good though. As of now, my two babies are sleeping thats why Im blogging. Im still experimenting my blog. Arranging this and that but doesnt have so much time of doing it. hehehehehe. So, till next time's report: HEALTHY BABY BOY.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Want Some?


My baby is almost 4 months now. He is getting stronger everyday. He has been rolling over on his tummy which makes me happy. He always do some things that makes us laugh. One of those is grabbing his foot to try to lick or suck his socks.


He is so into it that even when he is in his stroller he will try hard just to reach his foot to suck his socks. He also like to hold his feet like this;


Im not sure though what he was trying to show me but I guess he just want to show off Mickey and Minnie Mouse on his diaper. hehehehe. Hmmm...maybe I should try this for my belly to go away. hehehehe.


Its so funny to look at him doing those funny moves. Lastnight, I was lying on the bed watching tv beside him. I noticed that his feet were up again in the air and oops mine too! hahahaha. I guess he got it from me. Huh! like mother, like son.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Whatta View!

I've been living in Hawaii for more than a year now. The first time I got here I even questioned myself, "Is this USA? It doesn't seem like." I was looking around trying to absorb the fact that I am already here. My hubby kept on talking to me about all the places and I just kept on looking around. Looking around till I realized that yeah I'm here.

When I got here in our apartment, the first thing I noticed was the window. Its a glass window with no grills nor bars. My hubby opened the window and said, "Look at the view its so nice." I replied, "Wow, scary." I couldn't even get near the window. Why? Because we live in 21st floor...freaking scary for me. So much for the view, window got my attention.

I never really appreciate that much the view in our window. I always tell myself, I can see the ocean, trees, huge and tall buildings and of course cars. But whats with it? Nothing! I was in denial in some time. In some days whenever I look at the window to see the ocean. It makes me feel sad. It makes me miss the "home" I used to call. The "home" I am longing to see again. Then tears will fall from my eyes. Pause. Look around. Then tell myself, "too bad nobody is filming me, okay back to reality."

Yesterday, before my hubby went to work he told me there's a parade. We used to go and see parades but I didn't really find it interesting and exciting. Sometimes I do, Most of the time I don't. Hubby went to work and I stayed home with the baby. I opened the window and saw how traffic Waikiki was because they closed some lanes for the parade. As I kept on looking at the cars, then I looked at the ocean, then the trees, then the huge and tall buildings and told myself, "Huh, whatta view!" It was weird that for quite a long time of being here. It was just yesterday that I finally appreciated the view in our window. So I took a picture and told myself, "I'm here, here in USA, here in HAWAII...Aloooooha! hehehehehe.




Thursday, April 1, 2010

Springtime Cleaning

Me and my hubby go out almost everyday just to do something like fishing, driving around, window shopping or shopping or anything that we can think of that we both like to do for the day. Since my hubby doesn't want to just stay home because he gets bored so easy that's why we always think of "activity for the day."

Tuesday morning, my hubby planned to go surfing but was undecided if he will go or not. He used to have three surfboards thankfully he got rid of the two and bought new one now he has two. He was frustrated about his surfboard being under all the things that was piled over it giving him hard time to take it so he decided to just watched TV and I just did some house chores that I needed to do before he will make a decision to go or not. As he was watching TV, he was looking around the our apartment, thinking what he can do so he can easily take his surfboard and just go whenever he wants to go surfing. His frustration gave him the initiative to place his surfboard somewhere accessible which he said he would have done before.

He felt so happy about what he did which led him to rearrange our things and begun the springtime cleaning. I was happy too because at last we can get rid of the things that we don't really use. My hubby was the one who organized and cleaned our apartment since I cant really do so much because of my surgery. We threw quite a bit of things in our apartment that's why we had 5 trash bags after we were done.

I thought, springtime cleaning was over. I thought my hubby was already satisfied but then I guess he wasn't. Today, he decided to get rid of our dresser which we placed our 40 inch TV and buy a new dresser and a new TV stand. We went to different stores to compare prices because we want to have the one that we both like but in a cheaper price. We didn't buy yet because my hubby needed to go to work. We went to six stores that's why we didn't have enough time.

I'm not sure when we will have the second springtime cleaning. Maybe tomorrow or maybe the day after tomorrow. He has work tomorrow morning and I have a doctor's appointment on Saturday. So we'll see. I tell you, this second time will be a lot more difficult. Its gonna be way more than the First time. That's why we need to plan first before moving things around because some things are heavy. There's gonna be a lot of measuring here and there. Plus, both minds need to fuse together so we can do the second springtime cleaning as easy as possible.

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Dear Diary

Ive been missing out here. I was just not in the mood to share. I was tired. I was lazy. Didnt have any ideas of what to talk about. I knew this will be like this. Theres lots of things thats happening tom me but there are only few things I wanna share here. I guess Im like that...when I was young, though I still am, I used to buy stuffs like bags, shoes, accessories or anything that I would like to have, use it maybe once or twice or even thrice but then just forget about it. I easily get tired of things especially if they dont talk. Well I know things dont talk but hope they do so I will know what they think and feel. But its kinda weird to talk to a thing. I must be crazy if I do that.

This past few days Ive been talking about our lil baby. Posted pictures and videos of him. Then suddenly, I got tired of it. Though I still take pictures of him but never really want to post it here. I thought blogging is a way for me to be open but theres still a part of me that I dont want to talk about. I guess its just right. If theres left and right, there is also what we call us private and public. So Im having both.

My leg has been swelling everytime I keep on walking that sometimes makes my day bad. I never had a problem with my face but its only my leg thats bothering me. There are times that I want to clean the house but cant really do it well because I need to sit down or lay down to elevate my leg so the swelling will go down. But there are times I just need to do it. I just ignore the swelling and just do whatever I need to do. Its kinda hard taking care of myself and taking care of our baby when hubby is at work. Well, its not really hard. Im just saying just to say it. hehehehehe.

Have you tried eating noodle soup? I guess almost everybody has but how about blend the noodle soup and eat it with straw? I dont think you have ever tried that one. I did, Actually I always do since after I had my surgery. Call me Mrs. Blender. Cooked rice and grilled beef ribs. Oooh delicious! Blend it after. Oooh yucky! Anything under the sun that I can think of blending. Just earlier, I made a smoothie I guess. Its made out of frozen banana, a white chocolate ice cream bar, an ice cream in a waffle cone and soymilk then put a lil bit of hershey's chocolate syrup. Was it yummy? Yeah it was...but not really.

I am not thinking well today thats why Im just saying anything. I am weird. I wish my blog will always be here. I wish I can always share something even people dont really have interest of reading it. Its nice to have a "Dear Diary" though hi-tech because its online but so what I guess I can manage. I hope so. I hope my memo to remember will never be fade away. Maybe not for now but hope not soon.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Our New Song

My hubby had been hearing the chorus of this song on the radio and TV but never really had the chance to hear the whole song. He liked it so much that he really wanted to hear this song. Yesterday, when we were driving we were listening on the radio and suddenly the song was played. He immediately recognized the song and felt so happy. The lyrics of the song was so perfect that made him cried. At first, I didn't notice that he was crying while driving the car because I was at the back seat with our baby. When he looked at me through the front mirror I then knew that he was crying. I tapped his head, smiled and told him "you barney." I knew the reason why he was crying. He's been always like that ever since I met him. He always cry when he hear song that relates to our relationship. When we got home he told me that this will be our new song now. We love each other so much its unbelievable.

I wanna share the video of this song I made myself.
Its my first time to make a video so its not really good but I just wanna share it.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

All about our baby

Its another happy day with our lil baby Tyree. I've been posting so much about our baby here. I guess I'm just too proud and happy to share him to the world. Today, me and my hubby were having fun with him. We always do but here is one that I was able to film on video.

I have this weird ear and nose issues since maybe I knew it. Thats why I was doing that do my baby too.

My baby as he is getting older, he is learning some things that amaze us. He knows how to hold his bottle while drinking milk. Though, its not a big deal but for me it is. I always feel happy to every simple things that he does because all I want is him to learn the things that he needs to know. Photobucket Photobucket

He's been sleeping on his back with wide open legs and all arms up for over three months. I was a bit worried about it because I thought I'd never see the day for him to show some signs of rolling over on his tummy. But two days ago he did. He laid on his side and fell asleep. I really hope that one day he will surprise us. I am looking forward for him to roll over and by then start to crawl. Photobucket

There's one thing that I'd like to share. I find it so adorable and cute to see my baby and hubby sleeping so close together. I guess its one of the sweetest moments not all can do. My baby likes to touch my hubby's arm when he sleeps. I think he feels secure and safe knowing his daddy is just beside him. Just looking at them delight me that I dont mind at all if I dont sleep beside my hubby sometimes. I still feel much more of his love for me by just simply loving our baby so much. I know there is so much love in our family that whatever it takes it will always be a strong lil Ohana. Photobucket

Its all about our baby. Its all about Tyree. His cute adorable face everyday inspires us to just have fun and enjoy life with him. Everyday there's always challenges. But with our baby Tyree, everyday is another day of joy and laughter.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Talking Tyree!

For the first time Im gonna post a video of my lil baby Tyree. Today, I decided to give it a shot since I haven't done it since he was in his early months or weeks. Its not that I dont want to but I was just too lazy to charge the battery of my digicam. I've been only using my phone for taking pictures because its very handy and its just always right there close to me unlike my digicam. hehehehehe...

I filmed this video so early in the morning. My hubby woke up for work and everytime he wakes up he always try to wake up our baby from his sleep. Though, maybe not in general but I guess some people wants there baby to sleep so they can also rest or do something else but for my hubby its the opposite. We enjoy our baby so much that we'd rather have him awake than sleeping.

My baby was getting crabby when I was filming the video because he wants to go to sleep again. As soon as I finished filming him I gave him his milk and then he fell asleep so fast. I was able to film a video but darn it my battery was going low that made the video not good at the last part of it but oh well Im still gonna post it because its part of my "First Times." First times sometimes doesnt go perfect as expected. I kinda sound funny when I was talking because I need to keep my mouth close till the next three weeks I guess. But anyway, here is the video of my cute crabby pants baby lil Tyree.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Tyree at Three!

My sweet wonderfull lil baby is three month old now. He is growing but not really gaining weight. Today we went to his three-month check up. He is now 11.75 pounds from being 10.68 pounds when he was two months. Though he didnt gain that much but I felt contented when I learned about his height. From being 22 3/4 inches when he was two months now he is 25 1/2 inches. I asked the nurse if they can give me a baby book so I have a record of his progress. His pedia told us that though he didnt gain much weight he seems to be normal because at three months, he is already very attentive and happy. She even said that her grandson is already six months old but is not bubbly like our baby. While we were talking to his pedia, our baby was talking back to her. I can say he is a smart baby like his daddy and I guess his mommy hehehehehe.

I told his pedia that he still doesnt make dodo everyday. He still do it every two to three days but its not a pebble-like poop. She told us to give him prune juice so we went to the store and bought one today. It was so funny because my hubby gave him the juice while he was sleeping. When he started sucking the bottle it woke him up because of the awful taste of the juice. Its really hard to introduce something new to him because he has a very strong taste that gave me a hard time switching him to another brand of milk. Was it successful? I can say it was for awhile but then I failed. hehehehehe.

My baby at three is something for us. From the time he was born, he already gave us so much happiness till the time being. I can say that as he is getting older the more happiness he brings to our lil family. His smile always give us strength to be strong everyday as we face life. He completes us. He is our bundle of joy. He maybe little but I know we are so lucky to have a wonderfull baby named Tyree.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

I Survived!

Its been three days now since I got out from the hospital. Its been three days now that I got back my life and freedom from the scary moment of my life. The thought of facing death and leaving your love ones was not easy. But God is so good that He gave me another chance. A chance to live, to love and reach the heavens above. Oops, that sounds familiar.
Anyway, I'm back! I'm blogging away again! I didn't have time to blog the day I got out from the hospital because I was so tired. Being in the hospital for sixteen days wasn't totally easy but I made it. Every time I think how did I do that? Laying on the bed. Watching the tick tack clicking clock and waiting for time to pass by. Oh my god, good thing I didn't go crazy.

25th of February when I went to the hospital for surgery of the big mass in my jaw. Me and my hubby was pretty nervous waiting for me to be admitted to the surgery. When my name was called we needed to leave our baby to a perfect stranger sitting in the waiting area because children under 12 years old is not allowed to get inside. As we were walking to the room with the nurse, he told me that I looked nervous and I said because the doctor said I could die and then he said "you wont die, nobody die from it". Me and my hubby felt relieved and laughed but still felt a bit nervous. The surgery took 12 hours just to remove the mass because the doctor was so careful with all the nerves on the face and blood vessels that she needed to connect. I cant imagine how hard it is but she was able to do it.

After the surgery, I woke up with my mouth wired and a hole in my neck for breathing. The wired in my mouth was easy but the hole in my neck was so hard for me. I cant breathe through my nose because I breathe to the hole. Every time I cough some mucus always comes out from the hole so I always call the nurse to suction the mucus in the hole so I can breathe. That hole in my neck almost killed me. One night, I was calling the nurse so bad because I couldn't breathe anymore. I woke up with all the people surrounding me, trying to revive me because I passed out. The hole was clogged with so much mucus because the nurse didn't suction it. I didn't know I almost died from it. They called my hubby and told him what happened. He was all worried that he even cried when he got to the ICU where they brought me just to make sure I'm gonna be okay. I wasn't really an ICU patient but they kept me there till my second surgery.

My second surgery took nine hours. I woke up with still a hole in my neck, wired mouth plus an aching leg because they took a fibula bone in my leg to use it for the reconstruction. My doctor really made sure that it wont happened to me again so she really told the nurses to monitor me very well. I was hooked to a lot of devices left and right. That's why I wasn't really doing anything but lay on the bed all the time. I learned how to suction myself because I didn't want to depend my life to some nurses who didn't really care. I needed to be wise because I was alone. Nobody was there for me all the time to help me. Though my hubby was there everyday but he doesn't sleep there. There were few times I cried because I felt so alone especially every time my hubby with our baby needed to go so he can go to work. My hubby always try to cheer me up and tell me that everything will be fine. He always make sure that when he leaves I am not sad.

I was alone in the hospital but God was there for me all the time, everyday to make me strong. He made it so easy for me that instead of one month in the hospital it only took thirteen days from the second surgery to the day I discharged from the hospital. When I was there, I never questioned God why it happened to me. Instead, I felt so much of His love for me that He gave me a very wonderful husband and a happy baby plus in His own mysterious ways He showed how much He loves me. I know there will still be challenges for me that I need to face. Maybe its something big. Maybe its something small. But I know God is with me. I know He is just there. That's why I'm here. That's why I survived.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

RR : Remove and Reconstruct

I am so happy that finally by tomorrow Im gonna have my major major so major surgery in my life. Its gonna be a hmmm...maybe 10 hour or more surgery. I will be gone for maybe a month as what the doctor told me. I'll be staying in the hospital for recovery. What's the surgery for? Well, its the mass in my mouth that had grown bigger for maybe two years now. Yes, when I was pregnant I had this and it didnt bother me at all. I still had a normal delivery and a healthy baby boy. Am I scared? Yeah, I was yesterday, especially when the doctor told us that I could die from it from bleeding I guess. I cant remember what the doctor exactly said but the thing of saying I could die made me cry and my hubby too. We were just crying so much when we got home that we even discussed what he would do if it will happen. But today when we got a call from my doctor's office that everything is all ready. I felt so happy because it will really be tomorrow. So I guess Im pretty excited about it now than scared. Im just blessed that my insurance will cover it.

There will be two doctors that will do the surgery. The first one is the main doctor that will take the mass out of my mouth and do the reconstruction and the other doctor is the one who will take a piece of bone in my leg to use for reconstruction. Its scary if I really think about it but I know Im gonna make it. I just pray to God that everything will be fine. I maybe in my worst condition after that but I know Im gonna be better. I guess thats all for now. See you when I see you.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Our 2nd year Anniversary

Two years of being married together is a wow for us. How amazing that two different person with two different race and culture was able to ride with the same boat for two years now. Not all people can be together for quite a long time nowadays. Some will last a year and some will only last for months. There are lot of reasons why but there's nothing you can do when the boat sink. Just hang on, save your life from loneliness and sadness then move on.

Two years, was it easy? I can say it was and still it is... we just love each other so much its unbelievable. We are best friends, buddies, and lovers, We are everything I guess. There's no day that we don't say "I love you so much" to each other. Sometimes we even make it like a contest of who can say it many times in a day but my hubby always win. Though he doesn't give me flowers or chocolates but he gives or does whatever he thinks that makes me happy. He always makes me feel special. There were times that I thought he doesn't care but he told me that he doesn't wanna show it because when he does I get so emotional. He had flaws before we met, made mistakes but he changed his life and started a new life with me. I accepted and loved him for who he is. He may not be perfect but nobody can ever give a love that he is giving to me. He loves me so much that he hates it because if ever he loose me he'd rather end his life too. Even I am 25 years younger than him we get along so good. Everyday its always me and my hubby, no friends, no family but now with a baby.

We call each other "baby" but when we joke around like we always do, we call each other "dirt bag", "barney", "lying sack", and along with saying "you've got balls." He always make fun of me like try to touch my ear because he knows I don't like my ear to be touched. So to get even, every time he brushes his teeth I tickle his butt or put him on video every time he poop. There are funny things that we always do just to be happy because for my hubby sadness has no place for us.

As his wife, I can say I'm not a perfect wife but for him I am. When we had our baby, even I don't have enough sleep taking care of our baby, I still get up so early just to make him breakfast when he needs to work in the morning. I am such a big baby but my hubby knows how to deal with it. I am the reason why my hubby likes to go fishing now. Before I came here he never go fishing. he never even have fishing poles and stuffs for fishing. I told him I wanted to go fishing so he bought me fishing pole but since I don't know how to cast he end up doing it. Now its one of his hobbies aside from surfing. I don't really have much to say about how I am to my hubby. All I know is he loves me so much that for him I am the air that he breathe. I am his life.

Its been two years now that our love for each other is getting stronger everyday. Though we didn't celebrate it with a candle light dinner with flowers or anything but it is a memorable 2nd year anniversary for us. Just being together and knowing that our love for each other is still there making us complete is enough. I don't know how to end this blog but I guess we are just both one of the luckiest people in the world to found a true love. A love that is unconditional. A love that is beyond what we expected.